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Matchbook Bonus Code: MAXBET + £500 Cash Back

Goodwood Special Matchbook £500 Cash Back

Sign up with Matchbook today and receive a fantastic offer - £500 Cash Back in your first 5 weeks.

Tired of Betfair's expanding commission penalties and Premier Charges? Frustrated by limited liquidity on Betdaq? Then sign-up with Matchbook betting exchange and take advantage of everything a true betting exchange has to offer.

Matchbook bonus code

Use Matchbook bonus code: MAXBET for up to £500 cashback bonus!

  • Earn up to £500 cashback when you sign up today!
  • Enter the bonus code MAXBET when signing up to ensure you get the best possible bonus.
  • Place back or lay bets at any odds on any betting market in the Exchange within five weeks of placing your first bet.
  • For every £1 paid in commission, you will receive one Matchbook Point. 
  • When you've earned five Matchbook Points, your account will be credited with £5.
  • The most amount of cashback you can receive with this Matchbook promotion is £500.

Matchbook might be relatively new to the betting exchange business, but they know just what punters are looking for in an exchange. The revolution might be over for Betfair customers, but it's just beginning at Matchbook sportsbook.

In addition to their low commision rates, Matchbook is also offering new players a £500 cashback bonus. Simply sign-up, enter the Matchbook bonus code MAXBET and back or lay on any betting market in the Exchange.

Once you've totalled £100 in wins or losses, or a combination of both, you will get one Point.

Once you've received five, your cashback award begins! Note that the offer applies only to customers who make their first deposit through credit/debit card. All bets must be placed within the qualifying period (five weeks) to take advantage of this offer.

Bonus Offer TermsDetails
Matchbook Bonus Code: MAXBET
Bonus Type: Cash Back
Bonus Amount: £500
Current Promo: No Commis. Horse Racing
Terms&Conditions: Read all on site
bettingexpert Rank: 4/5
bettingexpert Offer: Get Your Bonus

Matchbook betting exchange is one of the most popular places to bet on the internet. Millions of punters and traders across the world choose Matchbook as their preferred betting exchange, with many traders preferring Matchbook to Betfair due to better liquidity especially on US sports markets.

Matchbook also offer one of the most interesting new customer offers available in the betting industry.

Matchbook also have one of the most intriguing new customer bonuses currently available. If you sign up, you can earn £500 in bonus cash. You read that correctly. Sign up with Matchbook today and earn up to £500 in cash through the first five weeks of betting with Matchbook.

Claiming The Matchbook Cash Offer

Claiming this Matchbook new customer offer is simple. Here we set out everything you need to do in order to earn your £500 cash back from Matchbook.

  1. Sign up with Matchbook
  2. Deposit funds into your Matchbook account
  3. Start betting at Matchbook

Please note that in order to qualify for this offer, your first deposit must be via either credit card or debit card.

How do you earn your £500 cash back? Matchbook charges commission on all bets placed. We will discuss this in more detail shortly.

For every £1 you pay in commission to Matchbook you will earn 1 Matchbook Point. Every time you collect 5 Matchbook Points, you will have £5 credited to your Matchbook account. It's that easy.

You can earn up to a maximum of £500 through your first five weeks as a Matchbook customer.

Earning your £500 in Matchbook cash couldn't be any easier. Simply sign up, make your first deposit via either credit card or debit card, place bets on the Matchbook exchange, earn Matchbook Points and receive up to £500 in cash. Easy.

To learn more, read our detailed guide to Matchbook's new customer cash back offer.

Matchbook review

Use Matchbook bonus code: MAXBET for up to £500 cashback bonus!

Matchbook Signing Up

Signing up with Matchbook is a simple and straightforward process. You can sign up with Matchbook via either your desktop computer or your favourite mobile device including both iPhone and Android.

To sign up with Matchbook you need to first visit the Matchbook home page. Once you have arrived at the Matchbook home page, simply click the red Join button situated at the top right of the page.

Clicking this button will open the Matchbook login form. At the very bottom of this page, you will see a Join Now button. Click this button and the Matchbook registration form will open.

It should only take you a couple minutes to complete the Matchbook registration form. You will only be required to provide the most basic personal information. This information includes your name, your date of birth, your home address, your email address and of course, your preferred username and password.

When you create your Matchbook account or any bookmaker account for that matter, it's important to have account security in mind.

So when registering with Matchbook please make sure that both your username and password are both easy enough for you to recall but at the same time difficult enough so as to prevent your account from being compromised. Any bookmaker account you have, including your Matchbook account should be treated as you would treat any other banking account.

To learn more, read our detailed guide to signing up with Matchbook.

Matchbook Bonus Code

Sign up with Matchbook and claim your £500 cash back bonus

Matchbook Sports

Matchbook offers a great range of markets on a diverse range of sports and leagues. If you enjoy betting and trading on football you'll be well satisfied with what Matchbook has to offer. You can bet on leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga with numerous other leagues covered.

If you like to bet on American sports you'll love Matchbook with leagues such as the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB covered, not to mention coverage of college sports. American sports is where Matchbook well exceeds its rival Betfair, with superior liquidity available particularly on the NFL and NBA.

If you're tennis fan you can bet on major tennis events at Matchbook, with coverage of both WTA and ATP tours. Every day you'll find traditional tennis betting markets available at Matchbook.

You can also bet on horse racing at Matchbook with coverage of racing across both the United Kingdom and Ireland available every day of the week.

Matchbook Commission

Understanding how Matchbook commission is calculated is key to success when betting and trading on the Matchbook exchange. It's also crucial to understand if you want to take advantage of Matchbook's new customer offer.

For every £1 that you pay in Matchbook commission, you will receive as cash back up to a maximum of £500 across your first five weeks of signing up with Matchbook. The more Matchbook commission that you pay, the more you will earn as cash credited to your Matchbook account.

What are Matchbook's Commission rates?

Betting exchanges such as Matchbook and Betfair, do not apply a margin to odds they offer on betting markets. While a traditional bookmaker will apply a margin to their odds, for example odds of 1.90 on Asian handicap markets rather than fair odds of 2.00, Matchbook charges their customers a commission on bets placed.

Matchbook charges commission on bets matched on their exchange. So for example, you may place a bet on odds offered of 1.96, with a commission charged on your bet once the event has been settled.

How much commission do Matchbook charge? It depends upon the market you are betting on. The typical Matchbook commission rate is 1.5%, but as we stated, this rate can vary depending upon which market you are betting on. Sometimes Matchbook will have promotional offers where you can bet at a reduced commission rate. For example, Matchbook often offer 0% commission on select promoted markets such as the Champions League.

While the standard Matchbook commission rate is 1.5%, it should be noted that Matchbook will charge 0.75% commission when you accept odds already offered on the exchange. If you post your own odds and wait for those odds to bet matched, you will pay the standard 1.5%. But if you accept odds already offered, your commission charge will be 0.75%.

It should also be noted that you will be charged commission regardless of whether your bet is a winning or losing wager. If your bet is a winner you will be charged commission on the profit you earn.

On the other hand, if your bet is a loser, you will be charged commission on either your bet stake or the potential profit, whichever of these is the higher.

Also note that commission charges apply consistently regardless of whether your bet is a back bet or a lay bet.

Calculating Your Matchbook Points

To illustrate, let's look at an example. Below you will see the match odds for an upcoming Premier League match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace.

Matchbook review

For this example we will place a bet of £100 on Liverpool to win at odds of 1.495. If our bet wins, the profit will earn will be £49.50. In this example, with Liverpool winning the match, this profit is what we will be charged commission on at the standard rate of 1.5%. Remember that the rate will be 0.75% if we accept odds already posted on the exchange.

So how much commission will we pay on this wager?

If Liverpool win the match, we will pay a commission of 1.5% on our profit of £49.50. So our commission rate will be £0.745.

Matchbook review

So in this example we would earn 0.745 Matchbook Points towards our maximum of 50 over the first five weeks of registering with Matchbook. Every time we earn 5 Matchbook Points, we will have £5 credited to our Matchbook account.

What if our Liverpool bet lost? What would we pay in commission then?

As we stated earlier, the commission we pay on losing Matchbook bets is determined by which is higher, your bet stake or the potential profit of the wager. If your bet stake is higher than your potential profit, your commission will be charged on your stake. If your potential profit is higher than your bet stake, your commission charged will be based on your potential profit.

So in our example, we will pay commission based on our bet stake of £100 as it is higher than our potential profit of £49.50. If our potential profit had been higher than our bet stake, commission would be charged on the potential profit.

So in this example, if Liverpool lose, we would pay 1.5% commission on our bet stake of £100, meaning we are charged £1.50, with 1.5 Matchbook Points going towards our total points earned.

To learn more, read our detailed guide to making money on betting exchanges.

Sign up with Matchbook and claim your £50 cash back bonus

Matchbook Mobile Betting

If you enjoy betting on the go, you'll be pleased to hear that Matchbook offer one of the best mobile betting sites and betting apps currently available in the industry.

It's not a surprise when you consider that Matchbook are one of the most innovative and forward thinking betting platforms in the world.

To learn more, read our detailed guide to Matchbook mobile betting.

Matchbook review

Matchbook mobile on iPhone and Android

You can download the iPhone and Android Matchbook app now. It's also great to see that Matchbook also offer their app on both Apple iPad and Apple Watch.

If you're already a satisfied Matchbook customer placing bets and trades on the Matchbook desktop site, you'll be thrilled to know you can now place bets via the Matchbook app (or mobile site) no matter where you are. You can now bet and trade on Matchbook while waiting for the train, down at the bar with your mates or even, if you like, bet and trade while at the match you are betting and trading on.

Thanks to the Matchbook exchange app, you now have complete control over your betting, either backing or laying on the exchange. With the Matchbook app you can access everything that is available at the Matchbook exchange. Via the Matchbook app or mobile site you can now place bets both pre-match and in-play, enjoy betting related content such as match previews as well as check your betting history and sports results.

Matchbook Android App

With the Google Play store no longer allowing betting apps to be promoted on their platform, you now need to download the Matchbook Android App directly from the Matchbook site. Fortunately this is not much of an issue with the Android app easy to download from the Matchbook site.

To download the Android app simply access the Matchbook site on your mobile device.

To accept the download you will need to check your security settings and select “allow” for Unknown Sources. The Matchbook Android app will then be downloaded and installed on your device.

You can open the Matchbook app, log in to your account (or create an account if you are not yet a Matchbook customer) and start placing bets by tapping on the Matchbook app icon located on your mobile device.

Matchbook App iPhone

If you prefer Apple devices you can download the Matchbook iPhone app as well as the app for iPad and of course, the Apple Watch. Each of these downloads are available via the iTunes store or by visiting the Matchbook site.

To download the app from the iTunes store, visit the store and search for the Matchbook exchange app. You will then be able to locate the Matchbook app for iPhone and Apple devices.

Downloading the app is simple. Search the iTunes store for Matchbook exchange app. Click the download button to commence the download. Your device will then install the app.

When you have downloaded and installed the app for iPhone, simply tap the Matchbook icon on your device. Your Matchbook app will then launch. To start placing bets, all you need to do is log in to your app using your Matchbook account details.

Sign up with Matchbook and claim your £50 cash back bonus

Matchbook Banking Methods


As you would expect with a popular betting platform, Matchbook provide a range of deposit methods. These include major credit cards, debit cards, popular eWallets as well as bank transfer.

It's important to note that if you want to take advantage of the Matchbook new customer cash back offer, you must make your first deposit via either credit card or debit card. If you deposit via another deposit method, you will not be eligible for the new customer offer from Matchbook.

Depositing funds into your Matchbook account is easy, but if at any point you have issues, you should contact Matchbook customer support via their email address ([email protected]), via live 24/7 online chat, or if you prefer, via regular mail.

To see details of deposit methods, please refer to our listing below.

To learn more, read our detailed guide to depositing funds at Matchbook.

Matchbook - Deposit Options

MethodTypeFeeProcess TimeMinimumMaximum
 Matchbook review Debit Card Free Instant 5 20000
 Matchbook review Credit Card Free Instant 5 20000
 Matchbook review eWallet Free Instant 10 37500
 Matchbook review eWallet Free Instant 5 25000
 Matchbook review Bank Transfer Free Instant 5 770


Of course, most bettors want to know how to withdraw their winnings. Matchbook offer customers a number of options for withdrawing funds. You can withdraw funds from your Matchbook account via major credit card, debit cards as well as eWallets (such as Skrill and Neteller) and also bank transfer.

Just as with deposits, if you have any trouble withdrawing funds from your Matchbook account, you can discuss the issue with Matchbook accounts department via their email, the 24/7 online chat line as well as phone and fax.

To see the details of all withdrawal methods, click the tab below to see a full list of the available options.

To learn more, read our detailed guide to withdrawing funds from your Matchbook account.

Matchbook - Withdrawal Methods

MethodTypeFeeProcess TimeMinimumMaximum
 Matchbook review Debit Card Free 1-3 days 5 20000
 Matchbook review Credit Card Free 1-3 days 5 20000
 Matchbook review eWallet Free 1-4 hours 10 37500
 Matchbook review eWallet Free Within 24 hours 5 25000
 Matchbook review Bank Transfer Free Within 24 hours 100 50000

Sign up with Matchbook and claim your £50 cash back bonus

Live Betting at Matchbook

What distinguishes Matchbook from other betting platforms such as traditional bookmakers like bet365, Ladbrokes or William Hill, is the ability to bet and to bet against outcomes. Betting on an outcome to occur, such as betting on a team to win a match, is known as back betting, while betting against an outcome to occur, such as betting against a team to win, is known as lay betting. This dynamic provides Matchbook bettors and traders with a uniquely flexible betting experience.

You can bet in play at Matchbook on select markets, with numerous leagues and tournaments available. Matchbook does not offer the same depth of coverage as traditional bookmakers, but in fairness to Matchbook, their list of leagues and sports available for both pre-match and live betting continues to expand.

If you enjoy betting on major sporting leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions and Europa Leagues as well as major American leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, you'll be more than satisfied with what Matchbook has to offer in terms of live betting.

To learn more, read our detailed guide to Matchbook live betting.

Pros and Cons

  • Attractive standard commission rates 
  • Superior liquidity for US sports 
  • Frequent commission-reducing offers all year round 
  • Restricted access in some countries. 
  • Limited market options 

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Enter the bonuscode MAXBET for a £50 welcome cash back bonus.
  3. Complete registration by confirming your email address.