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football | Monday, August 2, 2021 9:19 AM
Champions League Winner Odds 2021/22: PSG and Man City Favourites To Win Champions League
Champions League Winner Odds 2021/22: PSG and Man City Favourites To Win Champions League
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Update: Champions League Winner Odds 2021/22 September 17th 2021.

With Matchday 1 of the Champions League out of the way, it’s time to take a look back at how the top teams have performed, and see how their odds to win the trophy have changed.

PSG have had a mediocre start to the Champions League, playing a 1-1 draw against Club Brugge in their opening group stage match. They came out with their Neymar-Messi-Mbappe trio, but were still unable to take the victory, and are currently 2nd in Group A. Their odds to win the Champions League shifted from 4.00 to 4.50 (Bet365), whilst their odds to win Group A have increased from 2.00 to 2.40.

Manchester City came out with an impressive performance in their opening group stage match against RB Leipzig, grabbing a 6-3 victory. Though their defence didn’t perform well, their attack scored at will and brought City three points at home. Their odds to win the Champions League have shortened from 5.00 to 4.50 (Bet365), and they now share the top-favourite spot with PSG. Their odds to win Group A have shortened from 2.10 to 1.66 (Bet365).

Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona in their opening fixture by 3-0 and are sitting atop Group E. Their dominant performance has caused their odds to win the Champions League to shorten from 8.00 to 6.50 (Bet365). Their odds to win Group E have also shortened from 1.61 to 1.12.

Liverpool also had a successful start to their Champions League campaign, defeating AC Milan by 3-2. This was a difficult back-and-forth match, but the Reds are now sitting atop Group B. Their odds to win the Champions League have shortened from 10.00 to 9.00 (Paddy Power), and their odds to win Group B have shortened from 1.90 to 1.61 (Bet365).

Chelsea faced Zenit Saint Petersburg in their opening fixture and came out on top by 1-0. This wasn’t their best performance, but Romelu Lukaku gave them the much-needed lead, and they are now second in the Group H standings. Their odds to defend their Champions League title have shortened from 9.00 to 8.00 (Bet365), and their odds to win Group H have shortened from 1.72 to 1.40.

Perhaps the most note-worty candidate in this group are Manchester United. Despite a successful summer period and having a squad worth nearly a billion euros, the Red Devils lost to Young Boys in their opening match by 1-2. This poor showing has them in last place in Group F. Despite this, their odds to go all the way shortened from 15.00 to 13.00 (Paddy Power), and their odds to win Group F shortened from 3.00 to 1.90.

Original article with updated odds below:

Who will win the Champions League in the 2021/22 season? Will Chelsea defend their title? Will Manchester City finally win it all, or will we see a new champion? With the season drawing near, let’s dive in and have a look at every team’s odds to win the Champions League.

In this article:

Champions League Winner Odds 2022

This market shows each team’s outright odds of lifting the Champions League trophy in the coming season. To do this, a team must perform well during the group stage, and win each of their encounters in the knockout stage. In the knockout stage, each club plays two matches against their designated opponents, and the club that has more aggregate goals, or more away goals will advance. However, the final of the tournament only has one match, leaving no room for mistakes.

As always, there are clubs that are known to be competitive in the tournament, and clubs that have a history of underperforming. This, along with their current form and roster, is taken into account when calculating their odds to go all the way.

PSG are the favourites to win it all this year, and most bettors will flock to back the favourite, further shortening their odds. But, experienced punters will look for more valuable bets in clubs that the bookmakers don’t expect to perform well. For example, Chelsea are the defending champions, but the bookmakers still have them as the fourth in line to lift the trophy.

Also, most experienced bettors usually combine this outright market with the ‘to reach final’, ‘to reach semi-final’, or other markets looking to increase their value. They will also come back multiple times throughout the season to make adjustments depending on how the season unfolds.

Current Champions League Winner Odds

Man City 4.50 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.25
PSG 4.50 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.25
Bayern Munich 6.50 6.50 6.50 6.50 7.00
Chelsea 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 9.00
Liverpool 10.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 10.00
Man Utd 13.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 16.00
Real Madrid 19.00 15.00 17.00 15.00 14.00
Juventus 26.00 26.00 26.00 26.00 24.00
Atletico Madrid 21.00 26.00 26.00 26.00 34.00
Borussia Dortmund 34.00 26.00 29.00 26.00 34.00
Barcelona 34.00 34.00 26.00 34.00 34.00
Inter Milan 51.00 67.00 51.00 67.00 61.00
Ajax 81.00 67.00 81.00 67.00 61.00
Sevilla 81.00 67.00 67.00 67.00 71.00
Atalanta 81.00 67.00 67.00 67.00 51.00
AC Milan 101.00 81.00 101.00 81.00 81.00
Porto 201.00 151.00 126.00 151.00 201.00
FC Salzburg 251.00 251.00 201.00 251.00 301.00
Wolfsburg 201.00 151.00 151.00 151.00 151.00
Villarreal 201.00 151.00 151.00 151.00 126.00
Lille 251.00 151.00 151.00 151.00 151.00
Zenit St Petersburg 501.00 501.00 501.00 501.00 401.00
RB Leipzig 151.00 101.00 101.00 101.00 201.00
Benfica 501.00 201.00 251.00 201.00 301.00
Club Brugge 1001.00 501.00 501.00 1001.00 401.00


Champions League Winner Odds as at 17th September2021. Odds may now differ


All odds mentioned below are the best odds available as at 17th September 2021. Champions League title odds may now differ.

The Favorites

PSG made it to the Champions League semi-finals last season but were eventually defeated by Manchester City by an aggregate result of 4:1. They came very close to winning it all just the year before, but came up short, losing to Bayern Munich by 0:1. The bookmakers have them as the third favourite to go all the way in the 2021/22 season, and their odds to win the Champions League reflect their quality. PSG have an excellent roster, and the signing of star goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnaruma, followed is a huge boost to their chances. But the most interesting signing of this summer by a long shot is the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona. Sure enough, PSG were first in line to snatch the Argentinian superstar and they now have him playing alongside an old nemesis – Sergio Ramos. This will certainly be an interesting season to watch PSG, especially because of their Neymar-Messi-Mbappe offensive trio.

This has had a huge impact on their odds in all competitions, In fact, their Champions League winner odds dropped from 7.00 to 4.00. Manchester City, Leipzig and Brugge will be their competition in Group A, and PSG are favourites to win the group at 2.00 odds. PSG are also favourites to steal the Ligue 1 trophy away from Lille this season at amazingly short 1.07 odds.

Manchester City are looking to go all-in this year in the Champions League after a disappointing end to their campaign last year. Yes, they won the Premier League by a landslide, but they have yet to impress in the most important competition – the Champions League. City made their first Champions League final appearance last year but were defeated by Chelsea by a 1:0 result. Although City enjoyed 61% ball possession and 87% passing accuracy, they were only able to place one shot on target. They will use this transfer period to try and get one final piece to complete their already impressive roster. Manchester City are the favourites to win the Premier League at 2.20 odds, and they are battling PSG for the first favourite spot. Their Champions League winner odds have jumped from 4.50 to 5.00 (Unibet) since the group draw.

Manchester City will be facing PSG, Leipzig and Brugge in the group stage of the competition. They are available at 2.10 odds to win Group A and 1.12 to qualify. Qualifying won’t be a problem for the Cityzens, but winning the group will prove to be a challenge. Their main competition for first place in Group A will of course be PSG, who are valued at slightly shorter odds. Not too much value on backing City this year, and the bookies expect them to be a dominant force in the 2021/22 season. The odds will change depending on how they fare, so waiting to see how the season unfolds can be a good idea.

The Contenders

Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga yet again with a comfortable eight-point lead. Bayern won the Champions League in the 2019/20 season but were unable to repeat their success last year. They have three Champions League trophies under their belt, along with the needed experience to get the job done. Bayern’s 2020/21 campaign came to a bitter end when they faced PSG in the quarter-finals. The aggregate result was 3:3, but PSG qualified on away goals, leaving Bayern to pick up the pieces. Their odds to be the Champions League winners had them placed as the second favourites, but their odds recently increased from 7.00 to 8.00 (Bet365).  The Champions League group draw was favourable for Bayern. They are parked in Group E and will be facing Barcelona, Benfica and Dinamo Kyiv. They are valued at 1.61 odds to win the group and 1.16 to qualify.

After winning the Champions League in the 2018/2019 season, Liverpool haven’t been able to repeat their success in the competition. They were bounced by Real Madrid in last year’s edition by an aggregate result of 1:3 and finished their campaign earlier than planned. Their odds for being the Champions League winners have them as the fourth favourites to go all the way. However, they will have to up their game if they want to justify their position. Despite showing signs of greatness last season, they need to show more consistency and improve their chemistry on offence. That said, Liverpool certainly have an excellent squad and are always a dangerous opponent. However, they are placed in Group B in the group stage and will be facing AC Milan, Atletico Madrid and Porto. Liverpool’s odds to win the Champions League increased from 8.50 to 10.00 (Paddy Power) after the draw. They are the favourites to win the group at 1.91 odds and are available at 1.17 to qualify.

The defending Champions League champions are coming into the season severely underestimated to repeat their success. Tuchel’s squad defied all odds and defeated Manchester City in last year’s final to crown themselves kings of Europe, but it doesn’t seem enough to please the bookies. Chelsea’s odds of being the Champions League winners have them as the fifth team in line to lift the trophy, but you can bet that Tuchel’s boys will try to surprise fans once again. The only thing missing was a consistent scoring option, and the arrival of Romelu Lukaku will surely make their lives easier. Despite this move, their odds to win the Champions League have remained fixed at 9.00. They are placed in Group H where they will face Juventus, Zenit and Malmo. The draw couldn’t have gone much better for the Blues, and the bookies have them to win the group at 1.72 odds and 1.12 to qualify.

The Outside Chances

Although Manchester United didn’t make an appearance in the Champions League last season, they had a solid 2020/21 season and made a deep Europa League push. United finished second in both the Premier League and the Europa League; nothing to write home about, but they secured a spot in the Champions League this year. Manchester United have already won the Champions League twice, and they might just do it again. United took part in the first English Champions League final in 2008 and came out on top, defeating Chelsea on penalties. There is no denying that Manchester United are a quality team, and their summer acquisitions will definitely help their chances of threatening Chelsea’s throne. They are placed in Group F and will be facing Villarreal, Atalanta and Young Boys. Their odds to go all the way remain fixed at 15.00, and the Red Devils are available to win the group at 1.57 odds and to qualify at 1.22.

With four Champions League titles under their belt, Barcelona are always a threat to make a deep push in the competition. However, they didn’t have a very good season last year and finished their Champions League campaign in the Round of 16, losing to PSG by an aggregate result of 2:5. They also placed third in La Liga last year and were never able to match the consistency of Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. The departure of Lionel Messi left a huge hole in Barcelona’s squad, and their odds to win the Champions League jumped from 17.00 to 21.00 (Bet365). Barca are placed in Group E with Bayern, Benfica and Dinamo Kyiv. It’s difficult to imagine them making a deep push this year, and they are available to win the group at 3.00 odds and to qualify at 1.25.

Real Madrid have seven Champions League trophies in their shelves, with four of them coming in the last decade. After winning three in a row from 2016 to 2018, Real Madrid failed to make another deep push in the Champions League. Last year’s edition saw them exiting the tournament in the semi-finals after a 1:1 match against Chelsea. This isn’t how they wanted to finish the competition, and you can bet they’ll be back with a vengeance. The arrival of Carlo Ancelotti as manager will surely provide their squad with leadership and the expertise they need. Real Madrid are placed in Group D to face Inter Milan, Shakhtar Donetsk and Sheriff, odds to win the whole thing shortened from 21.00 to 18.00 (Unibet). They are available to win the group at 1.50 odds, and to qualify at 1.08.

Juventus didn’t get the results they wanted last year in the Champions League, being bounced by Porto in the Round of 16 on away goals. Their performance in Serie A was also unsuccessful, and they narrowly held on to fourth place. Juventus have one Champions League trophy on their shelves, but it came back in 1996. They made two recent Champions League finals in 2015 and 2017 but were unable to get the job done on both occasions. Their odds to win the Champions League are still at 21.00 (Bet365), but it’s difficult to see them going all the way given their recent performances. They are placed in Group H and are valued at 2.25 odds to finish atop the group and 1.33 to qualify.

Atlético Madrid conquered La Liga last season, but their Champions League effort came to a halt in the Round of 16. They were bested by Chelsea with an aggregate result of 0:3 and left the competition early. Their odds to win the Champions League have moved from 26.00 to 28.00 (Unibet). Though their performance last year wasn’t exactly elite, they have a valuable squad and could surprise at any time. They aren’t considered favourites to win the Champions League this year, but they could make a deep push. They are placed in Group B along with Liverpool, Porto and AC Milan. Atletico are second in line to win the group at 2.60 odds and are valued at 1.33 to qualify.

The Longshots

Inter Milan ran away with the Serie A title last season, but their Champions League performance wasn’t up to par. It’s not a surprise we see them so far down the list, but the team got better as the season unfolded. Their odds to be the Champions League winners don’t even have them in the top 10, and they jumped from 41.00 to 51.00 in recent days (Bet365). They are parked in Group D with Real Madrid, Shathar Donetsk and Sheriff, but the decision to transfer Lukaku to Chelsea has weakened their offensive potency. The bookies have them as the second favourites to win the group at 3.75 odds and give them 1.28 odds to qualify.

Borussia Dortmund finished the 2020/21 season third in the Bundesliga, and their Champions League campaign finished earlier than they wished. Despite a valiant effort by Dortmund, City celebrated a 4:2 aggregate victory in the quarter-final. Their odds to win the Champions league shortened from 41.00 to 36.00 (Bet365). Borussia are placed in Group C with Ajax, Sporting and Besiktas. They are the favourites to win the group at 1.57 odds and to qualify at 1.20.

Sevilla finished the 2020/21 season fourth in the La Liga standings, but their Champions League campaign was ended by Borussia Dortmund in the Round of 16. They were defeated by an aggregate result of 4:5. Sevilla won the Europa League four times, but never the Champions League. The acquisition of Eric Lamela could be the move that helps them make a deep push. Their odds to win the Champions League remain the same at 67.00. Sevilla are placed in Group  G with Lille, Salzburg and Wolfsburg, and they are the favourites to win the group at 2.50 odds, and 1.40 to qualify.

RB Leipzig have only won one trophy in the club’s history, and it’s unlikely they will net their second one in the Champions League any time soon. They made it to the Round of 16 of the competition last year but were eliminated by Liverpool with a 0:4 aggregate result. RB Leipzig are certainly not considered favourites to win the Champions League this year, but they can certainly hope to perform better than last year. Their odds to go all the way shifted from 67.00 to 101.00 after the draw, and facing Manchester City, Liverpool in the group stage certainly has something to do with that. They are given 6.50 odds to win the group and 2.88 to qualify into the knockout stage.

Atalanta haven’t enjoyed much success in European competitions, only winning trophies in their domestic leagues and cups. Perhaps it’s time this changed, but they will have to step their game up if they wish to make a deep push. Atalanta were bounced by Real Madrid in the Round of 16 last year with an aggregate result of 1:4. They will be getting a number of players back from loans this summer, and it will be up to manager Gian Piero Gasperini to form a cohesive squad. Their odds to go all the way have shortened from 51.00 to 41.00 (Bet365), whilst they are valued to win Group F at 4.00 odds and to qualify at 1.40.

AC Milan won the Champions League a total of four times, and their most recent title came in 2007 when they defeated Liverpool in the final with a 2:1 result. AC Milan were busy in the transfer period, acquiring Mike Maignan to replace Donnaruma at the goalkeeper position along with a number of other players. They may not be the favourites, but they have bolstered their ranks and can hope for better results in the coming year. Their odds to win it all have shortened from 81.00 to 71.00 recently. Milan were placed in Group B with the likes of Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and Porto. The bookies don’t expect them to have much success, with 8.50 odds on them to win the group and 2.55 odds to qualify.

The Unlikely

The unlikelies are clubs that are complete outsiders and have little to no chance of winning the Champions League. The bettingexpert team is always for finding value in the underdogs, but this market simply isn’t for these teams. Have a look at their odds to go all the way:

Ajax have the shortest odds out of all the teams in this group. They won the Eredivisie by a landslide 16 points last year, and have made some moves this summer. Ajax have one Champions League trophy under their belt, but it was won in the 1994/95 season.

Villarreal finished seventh in the La Liga standings last year, but they performed well in the Europa League and earned their first club trophy. But, this wasn’t enough to place them in the conversation with the big clubs. They’ve brought in four players this summer so far, and it will be interesting to see how they fare.

The Ligue 1 champions Lille are facing their share of disrespect by the bookmakers. Their odds to win the Champions League are very high, and they are valued at 26.00 odds to defend their Ligue 1 title. Lille have never won a major European competition, but this year could be the year they make it happen.

Porto won the Champions League in the 2003/04 season but failed to reach similar results since. Last year’s campaign saw thm eliminating Inter in Round of 16, but eventually falling to Chelsea with a 1:2 aggregate result. They have made some changes in the summer period, but nothing that can push them to the top.

Wolfsburg haven’t had much success in the Champions League, with their best performance being a quarter-final exit in 2015/16. They finished the Bundesliga season in fourth place in the standings, and it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to make anything spectacular happen.

The defending Primeira Liga champions Sporting have a lot of work if they want to prove they belong among the contenders. They didn’t make the cut last year, and most of the club’s success has come in their domestic competitions. This year could be the one they make a deep push, but it’s very unlikely.

Zenit has never lifted the Champions League trophy, nor have they ever come close. They finished the competition last year in the group stage, as was the case in most previous appearances. Their biggest recent success was reaching the Round of 16 in 2015/16.

Club Brugge have a total of 44 trophies in their shelves, but all of them have come off domestic competitions. Their history in the Champions League has seen them mostly make group stage exits or in the early stages of the knockout stage. They’d like to break that pattern this year, and they’re off to a good start, winning the Jupiler League last season.

Dynamo Kyiv won the Ukrainian Premier League and secured another shot at the Champions League. They made a few semi-finals appearances in the competitions in the previous century, but haven’t had much success in recent editions. They’ll be looking to get back to their glory days and make another deep push.

After narrowly winning the Turkish Super Lig, Besiktas are looking to finally achieve respectable results in the Champions League. They have never gone all the way, and their best result is a quarter-finals appearance in the 1980s.

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