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tennis | Friday, July 1, 2022 8:35 AM (Revised at: Friday, July 1, 2022 1:53 PM)

Friday's WTA Tennis Best Bet: Wimbledon, July 1st

Friday's WTA Tennis Best Bet: Wimbledon, July 1st
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Friday, July 1st, 14:15 (UK Time)

It was lovely of Bouzkova to bring home Wednesday’s selection for us on rather large stakes against Ann Li, but the third round presents a much different puzzle for the Czech.

From one American to the next, as it’ll be Alison Riske-Amritraj on the other side of the net this go around, and the more experienced Riske-Amritraj brings much more to the table than her compatriot did in the last round.

Where Bouzkova’s athleticism, court coverage and counter-punching were huge assets in the last round against Li, who had been struggling to find consistency from the baseline all season, those are still good qualities, but provide much less of an edge in this match.

Riske-Amritraj herself is a very consistent player, who can move the ball around the court well from both wings and constructs points in an impressive manner, also knowing the optimal times to come to net when she stretches her opponent into the wider parts of the court.

Against someone like Bouzkova who uses speed to try and prolong points, coming to the net and taking that ball earlier removes the time needed for Bouzkova to accomplish that goal.

Riske-Amritraj is also adept at taking the ball on the rise and thoroughly enjoys the lower-bouncing courts where that tactic is even more effective. The earlier you strike the ball, the quicker it gets back to your opponent and the less time they have to set up their shots themselves.

These kinds of stylistic components are crucial against movers like Bouzkova. Taking as much time away from them as possible is the best way to beat them.

With Riske’s career pedigree far outpacing her opponent’s and an elo rating 100 points higher than the Czech’s, I’m comfortable giving up the 2.5-game head start.

  • Selection: Riske-Amritraj -2.5 games
  • Odds: 1.96 (Unibet)
  • Stakes: 3/10

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