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Free Novo Basquete Brasil Betting Tips

The Novo Basquete Brasil, otherwise known as the NBB, is the top division in the Brazilian basketball pyramid. Gaining a reputation for offering exciting basketball for its viewers, the NBB is also becoming more popular with bettors too.

Betting on Outrights is a popular form of betting on the NBB, but there are plenty of other opportunities in other markets when placing wagers on this division. Total Points and Match Winner markets can provide value, though in a league that is relatively new, these markets can be hard to predict.

That is why many bettors new to this division look for NBB betting tips. Bettingexpert is home to thousands of tipsters who post their sports tips and predictions each week. Check out the best free NBB predictions right here!

So, how does the Novo Basquete Brasil work? The NBB is home to 15 sides who compete to win the NBB title. After the first stage of the season, where each side play the other twice - once at home and once away - the top eight sides then take part in the NBB playoffs.

The NBB playoffs sees the competing sides play in a best-of-five format, with first playing eighth, second playing seventh, third playing sixth and fourth playing fifth. The two sides left after the playoffs then contest the Championship Final, with the winner of that one-off game declared NBB winners.

Previous NBB Winners

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2016/2017 NBB betting tipsBauru Basket NBB betting tips Paulistano
2015/2016 NBB betting tips Flamengo NBB betting tips Bauru Basket
2014/2015 NBB betting tips Flamengo NBB betting tips Bauru Basket
2013/2014 NBB betting tips Flamengo NBB betting tips Paulistano
2012/2013 NBB betting tips Flamengo NBB betting tips Uberlandia
2011/2012 NBB betting tips Brasilia NBB betting tips Sao Jose
2010/2011 NBB betting tips Brasilia NBB betting tips Franca
2009/2010 NBB betting tips Brasilia NBB betting tips Flamengo
2009 NBB betting tips Flamengo NBB betting tips Brasilia

Best NBB Tipsters

Betting on individual matches can prove tough, with a number of sides possessing quality squads. If you need some betting inspiration, give our tipsters a go. Our proven tipsters provide basketball tips throughout the season, and each tip is completely free!

How can you be sure our tips are as great as we claim? Well, we rank all of our tipsters in order of their previous success. On each tip, and on our individual User profiles, you will see displayed that member's yield percentage and total profit, along with the success of their previous five tips. This way, you have the ability to select only our most successful tipsters and use the information they provide to decide what bets to place.

Take a look at our most successful tipsters below:

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brazilian basketball predictions

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Monthly Tipster Competition (Top 40)

PositionPrizeSponsored by
1 £1200 nbb Odds
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31-40 £10 nbb Odds

NBB Betting Favourites

NBB Betting Tips on favourites 2017-18

CompetitionClubTitles NBB Betting Tips
NBB nbb odds Bauru Basket 1 NBB Betting Tips
NBB nbb odds Flamengo 5 NBB Betting Tips
NBB nbb odds Franca 0 NBB Betting Tips
NBB nbb odds Paulistano 0 NBB Betting Tips
NBB nbb odds Brasilia 3 NBB Betting Tips
NBB nbb odds Pinheiros 0 NBB Betting Tips

How To Bet On The Novo Basquete Brasil

The NBB is an emerging league, both in terms of quality and popularity. It's important that you follow each fixture week carefully to judge where the value lies and what markets will offer the best opportunities for making profit.

Remember, if you're struggling to decide what odds offer the best value, try our bettingexpert tipsters!

Where To Bet On The Novo Basquete Brasil

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Where To Bet On NBB Where To Bet On NBB Where To Bet On NBB
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