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bettingexpert Hot Tips is the quickest and easiest way to find the best betting tips from our community of tipsters. The bettingexpert Hot Tips list provides you with tips from the most consistently profitable tipsters at bettingexpert.

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If you've never followed betting tips before, Hot Tips is a great place to start. Begin following the tips from the best tipsters in the bettingexpert community with our statistically selected Hot Tips.

- Saturday, 20th October at 12.30pm -
Bookmakers Chelsea Odds Draw Odds Manchester Utd Odds
bet365 Bookmaker 03/04  14/05 17/04
Unibet Bookmaker 08/11 29/10 21/05
Comeon Bookmaker 20/27  29/10 04/01

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Free Tips from bettingexpert

If you’re looking for the best tips and predictions across a broad range of sporting events, you’ve come to the right place! At bettingexpert, we have thousands of hot tips posted on our pages each week. The members of our betting community post their predictions for free, so if you need inspiration for your future wagers, you can use our free hot tips!

On the bettingexpert Hot Tips page you will find links to the latest predictions on current sports and events. Looking for free football tips? Take advantage of our thousands of soccer tips posted every week, with leagues and competitions ranging from the English Premier League to Uzbekistan’s Professional Football League all catered for.

Think you can provide the best tip of the day? Sign up with bettingexpert and start posting your own hot tips, plus you’ll gain exclusive access to the latest tips and predictions our bettingexpert members provide.

On our hot tips page, you’ll see those tips that have come in - in other words, the predictions from our selection of tipsters who make consistent profits and hold high yields.

What Are bettingexpert's Hot Tips?

How can you be sure you’re reading the best free tips for sports betting around? At bettingexpert we have developed a tipster rating algorithm where we can separate the most successful tipsters by grading them based on their statistics. On all of our hot tips, as well as on each tipster profile, you can see how much success that bettingexpert member has achieved. Their total yield percentage is displayed on the prediction itself, to discover more about a particular tipster click on their User Profile.

On each User Summary, you’ll see displayed the number of tips that that particular member has posted, the success of their last five settled tips, their yield percentage and the amount of profit made in total. You can also see how many other bettingexpert members follow that tipster and how many times they’ve won our Tipster of the Year and Tipster of the Month competitions, meaning it’s easy to find and follow all of our hot tipsters!

Our free tips cover a huge range of sports. There are thousands of tips posted on our site every week, offered on the more popular sports like football and basketball to less common events like volleyball and handball. We’ll take a closer look at which events our free tips cover regularly now.

Football Hot Tips

Football is one of the most commonly bet on sports across the globe, and this popularity is reflected in the number of free tips posted on this sport each week.

A huge range of football markets are covered by our hot tipsters. As well as Match Result tips, Total Goals Over/Under, Anytime Goalscorer, Both Teams To Score and European Handicap predictions, amongst others, are posted regularly. If you prefer betting on more obscure markets, it’s likely that one of our hot tipsters are thinking the same. If you’re looking for the best tip of the day on a particular match, this is easy to find too. Click on the match you’re wanting to bet on and a list of all tips posted on that game will be displayed. Alternatively, use the Search function for your game to find the latest predictions.

Free Tips For Football Betting

Want the best tips for today? Our tipsters post well in advance right up to the start of play, for the very latest tips check out the Recent Activity box to see which football tips have just been posted.

Current Football Betting Tips

Basketball Hot Tips

Basketball is another hugely popular sport for our tipsters to post their predictions for. Our basketball tipsters cover many leagues and competitions, from USA’s NBA to European and South American tournaments. You’re also likely to find tips on international basketball.

As with our football predictions, the basketball tips posted cover a range of markets. There can be more value in betting on other markets than Match Winner, as our tipsters know well, so you’ll find Total Points Over/Under, Asian Handicap and Half Betting predictions available on a regular basis.

Free Tips For Basketball Betting

As with all our sports, the best tip of the day is easy to find. All of our best tips for today can be found right here on this page.

Current Basketball Betting Tips

Tennis Hot Tips

Our tennis tips cover a broad range of ATP and WTA tour events, including Challenger tournaments and minor qualifying competitions.

Free Tips For Tennis Betting

There are a variety of markets that our tipsters post their predictions for. As previously discussed, there can be greater value found in more exotic markets, and our bettingexpert members cater for those of you looking for inspiration in this area. Our hot tips can include Set Score and Total Points as well as Match Winner predictions. If you’re after a tennis best tip of the day, you’ll find it right here on our Hot Tips page.

Current Tennis Betting Tips

Hot Tips For Other Sports

We’ve looked at our top three sports, but our tipsters don’t stop there. Our best tips for today can cover other sports and competitions like baseball, handball, ice hockey and volleyball.

There are particular leagues and tournaments that are more popular to bet on than others. For example, NHL hockey in general has more bettors flocking to bet on it than a European competition. However, there can be more value found in those tournaments that fewer bettors wager on, and our tipsters are aware of this. That’s why you’ll find tips on leagues and competitions from all over the world, as well as international and friendly tournaments.

Free Tips For Sports Betting

Many tipster sites only offer predictions on the most traditional markets, like Match Winner. However, our tipsters post predictions on a much more diverse range of bets on all the sports currently available. As we’ve seen, there can be a great deal more value offered on less common betting markets - our tipsters aim to provide you with value tips that can increase your profit margins.

It’s so easy to find only the best sports tips for betting - right here! Instead of searching for a tipster who has a track record of success, a high yield percentage and a proven profit margin, you’ll find them listed on this page!