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Betfair Licence

Betfair Licence
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Betfair Licence
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Betfair Licence

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Betfair Regulation
Betfair Origins
Countries Licenced
Where Is Betfair Legal?
Where Is Betfair Illegal?
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Betfair Licence & Regulation

Betfair is currently available to customers in over 40 countries world wide with nine nations currently holding a Betfair licence. As with many bookmakers and betting exchanges, the evolution of gaming laws across the world continually impacts which nations can and which nations cannot bet and trade with Betfair.

Betfair License Summarised

betfair Regulation Licensed?
UK Yes
New Zealand No
India No
Australia No
More info Check all licensed countries now

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Betfair Origins

Betfair began in 2000 when Andrew Black and Edward Wray conceived the idea of a ‘betting exchange’ where punters could bet against one another rather than with a bookmaker. When launched Betfair revolutionised the betting industry, not only with regard to the concept of exchange betting and trading but perhaps even more impact, the ability for punters to bet while the event was in-play.

Betfair Licenced Countries

Which nations and jurisdictions have a Betfair licence? Currently there are nine nations with a Betfair licence. These are:

Countries where Betfair hold a licence

Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Gibraltar, Italy, Malta, Spain, UK and USA

This allows Betfair to provide customers in over 40 nations the ability to bet and trade on markets at both Betfair Exchange and Betfair Sportsbook. In time we expect more nations to hold a Betfair licence.

Since there are nine nations and jurisdictions with a Betfair licence, how many nations allow betting with Betfair? It is legal to bet with Betfair in over 40 countries across the world. While it is legal to bet with Betfair in any one of these nations, the evolving nature of gaming legislation around the world continue to have an impact on where you can and where you cannot bet with Betfair.

You can currently bet with Betfair in each of these nations:

Countries where Betfair is legal

Country Flag Play Now at
Argentina  bet365 licence  Betfair Argentina
Australia  Betfair licence  Betfair Australia
Belgium  Betfair licence  Betfair Belgium
Bosnia Herzegovina  Betfair licence  Betfair Bosnia
Bulgaria  Betfair licence  Betfair Bulgaria
Brazil  Betfair licence  Betfair Brazil
Colombia  Betfair licence  Betfair Colombia
Croatia  Betfair licence  Betfair Croatia
Czech Republic  Betfair licence  Betfair Czech Republic
Denmark  Betfair licence  Betfair Denmark
Estonia  Betfair licence  Betfair Estonia
Egypt  Betfair licence  Betfair Egypt
Finland  Betfair licence  Betfair Finland
Germany  Betfair licence  Betfair Germany
Gibraltar  Betfair licence  Betfair Gibraltar
Hungary  Betfair licence  Betfair Hungary
Hong Kong  Betfair licence  Betfair Hong Kong
Ireland  Betfair licence  Betfair Ireland
India  Betfair licence  Betfair India
Indonesia  Betfair licence  Betfair Indonesia
Latvia  Betfair licence  Betfair Latvia
Lithuania  Betfair licence  Betfair Lithuania
Liechtenstein  Betfair licence  Betfair Liechtenstein
Luxembourg  Betfair licence  Betfair Luxembourg
Macedonia  Betfair licence  Betfair Macedonia
Malta  Betfair licence  Betfair Malta
Malaysia  Betfair licence  Betfair Malaysia
Moldova  Betfair licence  Betfair Moldova
Montenegro  Betfair licence  Betfair Montenegro
Netherlands  Betfair licence  Betfair Netherlands
New Zealand  Betfair licence  Betfair New Zealand
Norway  Betfair licence  Betfair Norway
Phillippines  Betfair licence  Betfair Phillippines
Romania  Betfair licence  Betfair Romania
Russia  Betfair licence  Betfair Russia
Saudi Arabia  Betfair licence  Betfair Saudi Arabia
Singapore  Betfair licence  Betfair Singapore
Slovakia  Betfair licence  Betfair Slovakia
South Africa  Betfair licence  Betfair South Africa
South Korea  Betfair licence  Betfair South Korea
Spain  Betfair licence  Betfair Spain
Sweden  Betfair licence  Betfair Sweden
Switzerland  Betfair licence  Betfair Switzerland
Ukraine  Betfair licence  Betfair Ukraine
UK  Betfair licence  Betfair UK
USA (restricted states)  Betfair licence  Betfair USA

If you are a resident of any one of these nations, you are able to bet with Betfair thanks to an associated Betfair licence making it legal. Betfair exchange and Betfair Sportsbook offers customers a great range of sporting leagues, tournaments and events to bet on with a superb array of betting markets available for both betting and of course trading on Betfair exchange.

You can bet on football anywhere in the world. Quite literally. If you’re a fan of football you’ll love betting with Betfair with a deep menu of football leagues and tournaments available to bet on.

If tennis is your thing then you’ll find markets available for virtually every tennis tournament in the world, not just the Grand Slams but pretty much every tournament and event on both the ATP and WTA tours.

It’s important to note that while each of these nations offer Betfair Sportsbook, you may not be able to bet at Betfair exchange. For example, it is illegal to bet with Betfair exchange in Germany while you can bet with the sportsbook. It’s also worth noting that Betfair’s casino platform is not legal in all countries where Betfair’s exchange and sportsbook are permitted.

Where Is Betfair Illegal?

While Betfair is immensely popular across 40 nations, there are a number of countries where it is not legal to bet with Betfair as these jurisdictions do not hold a Betfair licence. These countries are:

Countries where Betfair is illegal

Canada, China, Cuba, Congo, Eritrea, France, greece, Greenland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Noth Korea, Portugal, Somalia, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, Monaco, Myanmar, Netherlands, North Korea, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan

It’s disappointing to sports bettors located in these jurisdictions. However, the good news is that gaming law and legislation continues to expand across the world and an increasing number of nations hold a Betfair licence, it’s likely Betfair will become legal in each of these nations in the near future.

Why is it illegal to bet with Betfair in your country?

There are many reasons why betting with Betfair may be illegal in your country. The primary reason is of course the fact that many nations have been slow to move when it comes to online gaming law and legislation. Many nations are beginning to catch up but some as we can see are still well behind.

Another reason why Betfair may be illegal in your country is because many nations have state governed gambling. In countries such as these, betting at any bookmaker that is not the state sanctioned betting outlet is illegal since the government generates huge sums by having the population bet exclusively with the state operated betting product.

My Country Isn’t Listed. Can I bet with Betfair?

As you have probably noted, there are a number of nations and jurisdictions that are not listed as either legal or illegal in terms of Betfair access. Why? Because in many countries online gaming and wagering falls into a grey area, where it is not exactly legal but it has not been outlawed either.

Again this is due to the fact that many nations have still not quite caught up to the modern world of online gambling. As a result they have failed to yet pass legislation declaring online gambling either legal or illegal.

If you are located in one of these countries, you may be able to bet with Betfair so long as they accept customers from you country. While it is not exactly legal to bet online in your country, it’s not quite illegal either.

Betfair UK

Yes, of course it is legal to bet with Betfair in the UK on both the exchange and the sportsbook. Betfair UK punters of course know why betting with Betfair is so great. The ability to both bet and lay outcomes gives Betfair UK bettors and traders tremendous flexibility when wagering.

Betfair France

Is Betfair banned in France? Yes, unfortunately it is illegal to bet using Betfair in France. This is shame for French punters, particularly as we know how much football betting means to many French Ligue Un and national team fans. We have our fingers crossed that this situation will change in the approaching future.

Betfair Germany

Germany is known for having rather strict laws when it comes to sports betting. However we can confirm that Betfair is legal and you may bet using Betfair in Germany. Is Betfair banned in Germany? Well, the sportsbook is legal in Germany but if you want to bet on the exchange unfortunately it is illegal in Germany to do so.

Betfair Italy

Is Betfair banned in Italy? Can you access Betfair in Italy? Betting at Betfair in Italy is neither legal or illegal, at least our knowledge. So if you’re an Italian sports fan who likes a bet, so long as you can access the site it is ok to bet using Betfair in Italy, you should be able to wager on both the exchange and the sportsbook. There are also alternatives such as Bet365 and William Hill.

Betfair India

Is it ok to bet using Betfair in India? Online betting in India is rather a grey area. But is Betfair banned in India? If you are using Betfair from India, we can confirm that if you are an Indian resident you should be able to place bets with Betfair from India. This is great news for Indian sports fans, particularly since we know how passionate Indians are when it comes to cricket betting, whether it be Test cricket, one day cricket or T20. You can also bet with Ladbrokes and Bet365.

Betfair Pakistan

Is Betfair legal in Pakistan? Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. Unfortunately Pakistan is yet to legalise betting with Betfair. While it is not listed as a prohibited nation, Pakistan is yet to formally give Betfair the nod. So if you are in Pakistan it may be possible to bet with Betfair is you are able to access the site. There are also alternatives such as Bet365 and BetVictor.

Betfair Belgium

Is Betfair banned Belgium? Unfortunately, it is illegal to bet at Betfair in Belgium. Again this is obviously disappointing for Belgium sports fans particularly fans of the national football team who enjoy betting during major tournaments. There are however alternatives such as BetVictor and Ladbrokes.

Betfair Canada

No it is not legal to bet with Betfair in Canada. We’re hoping that this changes in the near future, but for now the alternatives are bookmakers such as bet365 and Betway.

Betfair Bulgaria

Is Betfair legal in Bulgaria? Yes it is legal to bet with Betfair in Bulgaria. With football being played across Europe throughout the year, we know this is great news for Bulgaria football bettors.

Betfair Spain

Is Betfair legal in Spain? Great news for fans of La Liga as well as the Spanish national team, betting with Betfair is legal in Spain.

Betfair USA

It is legal to bet using Betfair in USA? Yes, so long as you are in the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey via the Betfair owned company TVG. I think all Betfair USA fans are eagerly awaiting the day in which sports betting is legalised throughout the USA and Betfair USA punters can bet and trade as they please.

Betfair Australia

Is Betfair legal in Australia? If you are using Betfair in Australia, you can only bet with the Betfair exchange as the sportsbook product is no longer available following the Paddy Power merger.

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