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Which Bookmaker is the best for football betting?

Best Bookmaker to bet again on Football

Football is one of the most common sports in the online betting world. Due to this popularity, you’ll find football odds at every bookmaker in the UK. Looking to find the best bookmaker to bet again on football? Most operators offer football betting odds that cover a huge range of tournaments and competitions across the globe.

With so much choice available, it can be difficult to decide who the best bookmaker to bet again on football is. There is lots to consider. The quality of football betting odds, bookmaker commission, promotions, ease of use, mobile betting, each aspect plays a huge role in your betting experience.

Two of the most important aspects to consider when looking for the best bookmaker to bet again on football are, of course, the odds and the commission is taken. For this review, we’ve researched and analyzed the commission rates and odds at the UK’s top bookmakers.

To find the best bookmaker to bet again on football, we tested the operators displayed in the table below.
To test each bookmaker, we researched the odds available on the English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga and the Portuguese Primeira Liga. To ensure an objective and unbiased review, we looked at specific matches in each league. These were as follows.

  • Premier League – Tottenham v Man United/ Everton v Liverpool
  • Serie A – Inter Milan v Sampdoria/ Bologna v Juventus
  • Bundesliga – RB Leipzig v Borussia Dortmund/ Bayern Munich v Freiburg
  • La Liga – Real Madrid v Valencia/ Sevilla v Barcelona
  • Primeira Liga – Rio Ave v Benfica/ Sporting CP v Tondela

Further, we tested the odds on specific markets. These were Match Result, Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Total Goals Over/Under and Both Teams To Score.

We conducted our research to find the best bookmaker to bet again on football between 15th and 19th June 2020. It’s important to point out that our results could differ at another time.

Overall Best Bookmaker to start Football Betting

We’ll begin our discussion on the best bookmaker to bet again on football with our overall results. The following results cover all leagues we analyzed, we’ll look a little closer at the individual leagues and matches shortly.

The table below shows our overall top bookmakers for football betting.

Number # Best bookmaker to bet again on the football

How did Marathonbet take the number one spot? They performed extremely well in most categories. They outperformed their competitors for our testing on the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga. They also came in second overall in our testing for Portugal’s top flight.

Vbet takes second place. One of the lesser-known bookmakers in the online betting scene in the UK, many of you might be surprised to see their inclusion. However, Vbet performed very well in many categories, particularly for Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga betting.

In overall third place comes BetVictor. Well known for their range of football odds and betting promotions, we were impressed with what this operator offered. They performed especially well in our Bundesliga, La Liga and Primeira Liga tests.

Best Bookmaker to bet again on football

Best for English Premier League

As we’ve touched upon, two key aspects to find the best bookmaker to bet again on football are how competitive the football betting odds are and how low the commission is on the operator’s side. By finding this, you’re maximising your potential profit. Even the slightest difference in odds can mount up to a large amount over a long period of time.

The Premier League is one of the most popular competitions for punters to bet on. From the data we collected for this comparison, we can conclude that the following bookmakers offer, overall, the best odds and lowest commission.

  1. Marathonbet
  2. Betsafe
  3. 888sport

Why do these operators make up our top three? We’ll start with Marathonbet.

Marathonbet offered the lowest commission rates for the 1×2 with only 0.26% on average and 2.51% on Over/Under markets. The commission rates were much lower than their nearest competitors with an average of 3.5% of the commission in these categories. Marathonbet also came in second place for our European Handicap with 6.44% commission and Both Teams To Score 5.32% categories.

In second place for Premier League betting is Betsafe. This bookie consistently offered the low commission, coming out in a top spot in the Both Teams To Score category with an average of 5.08% commission, and third for Asian Handicap betting with 3.07%.

Making up our top three is 888sport. Another bookmaker well known for their range of football markets, they offered a low commission on most markets. This is particularly true in the European Handicap market where the average commission is 8%.

Best for Bundesliga

Most bookmakers in the UK offer a good range of odds for Bundesliga games. Another popular league to bet on, which bookmakers offered the best odds and lowest commission for Germany’s top division?

Our top three bookmakers for Bundesliga betting are as follows.

  1. Marathonbet
  2. Vbet
  3. BetVictor

As you can see, our top three for Bundesliga betting are also our top three overall. Marathonbet, as we’ve discussed, offer excellent football betting odds across all competitions we’ve researched. It’s no surprise to see them top this list, too.

Marathonbet came out on top of four out of five categories, with Asian Handicap odds missing from their repertoire.

Vbet came in second place for betting on the Bundesliga. Offering excellent odds in general, Vbet came in second place in the 1×2 with 2.96% average commission, European Handicap with 7.92%and Over/Under markets with an average offer of 4.25%. This bookie also came in third for the Both Teams To Score category with 5.49%.

In third comes BetVictor. We were particularly impressed by the odds and commission of 2.18%, available in the Asian Handicap market.

Best for La Liga

Once again, our top three list for best bookmaker to bet again on football applies makes up the list for a league, this time La Liga. Our top three for La Liga betting are as follows.

  1. Marathonbet
  2. Vbet
  3. BetVictor

Marathonbet once more offered consistently the best odds and lowest commission in most categories. For La Liga, they took the top spot in the 1×2 with 0.29% average commission available, European Handicap with 5.10% and Over/Under markets with 2.48%, coming in second in the Both Teams To Score category with 5.27%.

Vbet took the number one place in the best for La Liga category. This bookie also took second place in the 1×2 with 3.03% commission offer and 3.46% available on Over/Under markets, and third for European Handicap with 9.05% acreage commission.

BetVictor once more performed well in the Asian Handicap market with 2.36% commission, coming out on top. They also came in third in our results for Both Teams To Score with 6.05% commission available.

Best for Serie A

Betting on Italian football, and Serie A, in particular, is a common practice for UK bettors. Our research demonstrates that the following bookmakers offer the best football odds and the lowest commission for Italy’s top flight.

  1. Marathonbet
  2. Vbet
  3. Betsafe

Marathonbet is once again number one, offering excellent commission rates of 0.22% on the 1×2 market. They also came out in a top spot in the European Handicap market with 5.10%, with second place in the Both Teams To Score category and 5.29% commission available.

Vbet came out on top in two categories for Serie A betting – Both Teams To Score with 4.99% commission and Over/Under with 3.80%. They achieved second place in the 1×2 category by offering on average 2.99%.

Betsafe makes up our top three this time. Betsafe performed well across the board, with consistently good odds and low commission in all categories. We’d also like to point out that Betsafe finished fourth in our overall top three list for the best bookmaker to bet again on football.

Best for Primeira Liga

Finally, we come to the Portuguese Primeira Liga. This division might not be as popular, in terms of betting, than others we’ve researched, but this popularity is certainly increasing.

Our top three bookmakers for Primeira Liga betting are listed below.

  1. BetVictor
  2. Marathonbet
  3. Mr Green

It’s BetVictor’s turn to take the top spot. This operator offered the best 2.43% commission on odds in the 1×2 and 2.69% on Asian Handicap market. They also competed well in most other categories.

Once again, Marathonbet performed well in all categories, and our research suggests a second-place finish with a 4.88% commission on the 1×2 category.

For the Primeira Liga, we see the first notice of Mr Green in our top three lists. Mr Green competed reasonably well in all categories, with particular nods to the European Handicap with 10.17% average commission, Over/Under with 5.88% and 6.99% commission on Both Teams To Score markets.


With the sport returning, we felt it was important to find the best bookmaker to bet again on football. Our top three of Marathonbet, Vbet and BetVictor stood out, offering consistently better odds and lower commission than their competitors.

Betsafe and 888 sport performed well in particular leagues and categories and finished in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Regular readers of our bookmaker comparisons won’t be too surprised to see Marathonbet take the top spot. This bookie also performed well in last year’s 2019 comparison in our Premier League commission review. Last year Marathonbet was at the top by offering the lowest commission of 2.32% on 1×2 odds and 1.40% on the Asian handicap market. While BetVictor also made appearances in last year’s review, offering 3.43% average commission on Over/ Under 2.5 odds and 1.41% on Asian Handicap.

A possible surprise inclusion is Vbet. They outperformed their bigger and more established rivals easily, offering fantastic odds on all leagues studied. It’s interesting that the so-called ‘bigger’ names in the industry failed to make an impression in our research.

As it is, our top three for the best bookmaker to bet again on football are Marathonbet, Vbet and BetVictor.