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american-football | Friday, November 11, 2022 10:35 AM (Revised at: Saturday, November 12, 2022 4:13 PM)

Week 11 NCAA Football Best Bets: Saturday, November 12th

Week 11 NCAA Football Best Bets: Saturday, November 12th
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We are down to the final few weekends of the college football regular season, which means bowl season can’t be too far away! Our resident NCAA football expert Ej Garr is here to build on his resume to become bowl eligible, and he’s picked out a pair of matches for this Saturday’s action on the gridiron.

South Florida Bulls vs SMU Mustangs Preview

November 12, 17:00 (UK time)

Did you see it? Well, let me count the ways that SMU dumped 77 points on Houston last weekend because it was outrageous to watch unfold. The best part about living in New York, and having access to so many different services, is that I watch more college football games on my television during one weekend than most people see in a year.

And I watch them! Obviously, I can’t turn on every second of all the games at once, I mean I am not ESPN! Ha! What I do get is the ability to pick and peck around so many games during my Saturday afternoon, which is why I have the sign hanging during this time of year. What sign? I have a plaque that says we now interrupt this marriage to bring you the college football season, and that is because if you bother me on a Saturday?

Don’t get me started. All right, so if you did get the luxury of getting to see the Houston vs SMU match last weekend, they scored again on Sunday and Monday. When that game ended I went right to the sites to start looking at lines to prepare for this weekend knowing I had to do it.

And there it was… 46.5 points on the SMU team total for this weekend, and they’re playing South Florida? Wait, hold on, Sunshine, don’t tell me that!

There is no way we have to go over how SMU did that to Houston because I could write a book about how a 77 – 63 played out. Oh, they gave up 63 points to Houston as well as 140 points were scored with no overtime in sight. Hi, I said they scored 140 points combined, and the line setters are challenging me to give you the SMU team total at some stupid number of 46.5 points.

People need their stats and numbers though, so here you have so many more reasons to convince you why this is the play to make.

SMU ranks 5th in the entire nation putting up 331 passing yards a game.

The 40.2 PPG is good enough to land in the #10 slot in the offensive rankings.

The 479 total YPG puts the Stangs at 19th in the country, and then we turn the page.

Wait, it is illegal to say South Florida and defense in the same sentence in 22 of 50 U.S States, so I might get arrested just for saying that… shhh, you don’t know me and New York happens to be one of them, HA! I mean when you see a 130 and we have that many programs in FBS football, there is bad, and then there is South Florida. The 39.9 points allowed per game ranks them 129th, and if everyone on this SMU offensive roster isn’t begging to see some playing time, something is wrong with them.

South Florida Bulls vs SMU Mustangs Best Bet

Settanta Sette. Oh hold on, this isn’t one of my Italian Serie A previews, sorry. I SAID 77!! I mean to see a team put up 77 points against a Houston team, and then with bowl eligibility on the line, SMU gets the South Florida defense? Yes, Please!

  • Selection: SMU Team Total Over 46.5
  • Best odds: 1.88 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 9:00 am November 11, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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Clemson Tigers vs Louisville Cardinals Preview 

November 12, 20:30 (UK time)

I have covered Louisville on many occasions and I get to see a lot of ACC football because Syracuse is by me, and the ACC Network always shows a triple-header more often than not on a Saturday. It’s the same story this weekend, as you’ll see Pitt and Virginia at noon ET, BC and N.C State at 3:30 pm ET, and the Syracuse game at 8 pm my time. I mean if you don’t know that by now, what the hell is wrong with you, are you not a college football fan?

Oh come on, I have to do stuff like that, or I wouldn’t be me.

So, here we are with Louisville getting a touchdown on Saturday against the Clemson Tigers, and it was +7.5 on Sunday night but the line setters decided to make you buy the hook if you want it now. We don’t need to bother with that because Louisville’s defense gives them a chance to win football games, and that is a rare thing to see anymore.

Anyone who watched the Wake Forest outing lost their minds watching Louisville cause 8 turnovers and come up with 8 sacks making the then #10 Demon Deacons look like a High School club team. I was sitting here just jaw-dropped when the third quarter of that game unfolded, and I am not exactly high on Clemson either.

This whole quarterback thing with Dj Uiagalelei has made it into the press and around campus, the benching thing didn’t go well for him. A player’s confidence is all he has to rely on because if you don’t feel like you, and everyone around you, thinks you can get things done, it negatively affects everyone.

This game will be the featured afternoon game on ESPN’s Flagship station, and Clemson’s #10 ranking is in the balance. You would think that a team that is 8 – 1 and undefeated in conference play wouldn’t have as many questions as we have to make about them.

Did you know Clemson and Louisville have met seven times in ACC play since the two programs joined this conference? Clemson is only 7 – 0 and perfect against the Cardinals so that history is something Louisville would finally like to shake.

Here is the reason for the Louisville play, it is a close game, after a close game, and more close games to notice. Louisville was only a 6 – 6 program last year, adn they gave Clemson all they could handle during their regular season affair, 30 – 24. If you look at the body of work for Clemson this year, it’s that same story of a close game that keeps coming down to the 4th quarter.

Clemson Tigers vs Louisville Cardinals Best Bet

You’re giving me a touchdown with Louisville’s defense while the Clemson QB has some confidence problems after an ugly loss to Notre Dame last weekend? It was 28 – 0 Irish, even if Clemson made the score look a little more respectable.
I have points in my pocket and more confidence in what this insane Louisville defense is doing right now.

  • Selection: Louisville +7
  • Best odds: 1.96 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 9:00 am November 11, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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