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Sportsbet Review

Sportsbet Review

In our comprehensive Sportsbet review and user guide you will discover all you need to know about this giant of the Australian betting industry, from how to sign up with Sportsbet, to placing your first bet, the markets you can bet on, how to enjoy Sportsbet’s range of user features plus much much more.

Sportsbet join

Our Sportsbet review and user guide has been written with you, the punter in mind. We’ve researched each and every aspect of Sportsbet to help you decide if this bookmaker meets your betting needs and how to get the most out your experience.

What you will find in our Sportsbet review:

Introduction to Sportsbet
  • Sportsbet Facts & Figures
  • Signing Up With Sportsbet
  • Sportsbet App & Mobile Betting
  • What is Sportsbet's Cash Card?
  • Live Streaming at Sportsbet
  • Sportsbet Odds and Markets
  • What is Sportsbet Cash Out?
  • How To Deposit at Sportsbet
  • How To Place A Bet
  • How To Withdraw At Sportsbet
  • Sportsbet Customer Support
  • Responsible Gambling at Sportsbet

    Introducing Sportsbet

    Since being founded in 1993 in Darwin, Sportsbet has promptly become one of the largest bookmakers in the Australian betting industry. Purchased by Matthew Tripp for $250,000 in 2005, a time when Sportsbet had just eight employees, the company’s brisk growth saw 51% of Sportsbet bought by Irish bookmaking giant Paddy Power for $200 million in 2009 with an additional 39% share purchased for $132 million in 2011. Sportsbet however continues to operate as its own entity.

    Sportsbet logo

    Sportsbet delivers a great range of sports to bet on both pre-match and in-play, from the most popular sporting leagues and competitions across Australia such as the AFL, NRL, A-League, Super League not to mention horse and greyhound racing, to the most popular leagues and tournaments around the globe like the English Premier League, Champions League, NFL, NBA and cricket. Sportsbet also offers a deep list of obscure sports leagues to bet on. If there’s a sporting event you want to bet on, there’s a great chance that Sportsbet has a market available for you.

    Sportsbet Facts & Figures

    Company: Sportsbet Pty Ltd
    Head Office: Melbourne, Australia
    Founded: 1993
    Sports Betting License: Australia’s Northern Territory Government.
    Sportsbet Promo Code: No code needed

    Signing Up With Sportsbet

    Before you can place bets with an online bookmaker you have to first create an account. This is typically an easy process through which you will be asked to provide some basic personal information.

    So how to sign up with Sportsbet? It’s simple and our step by step Sportsbet sign up guide will take you through this process.

    Step 1

    When you visit Sportsbet you will see a number of ‘join now’ links displayed on the front page. Simply click one of these links and the Sportsbet registration page will open for you.

    Sportsbet join

    Step 2

    The Sportsbet registration page will ask you to provide certain pieces of personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, phone and email address. You will also be asked to choose a username, password, security question and your Refer A Friend referral code if you have one. If at any point you have any questions or issues, click the Help tab at the bottom of the page and you will have the opportunity access Sportsbet’s live help chat service.

    Step 3

    Once you have provided all the necessary information, click the Register button at the bottom of the registration page. You will then be given the opportunity to deposit funds into your Sportsbet account as well as set your deposit limits. (We will cover the range deposit methods available to Sportsbet customers later in our review).

    Sign Up With Sportsbet

    Sportsbet App & Mobile Betting

    More and more punters are using their mobile device to place bets and with the ever increasing popularity of in-play betting, this trend is certain to continue. Vital to an enjoyable in-play betting experience is having a dependable mobile platform to bet with and the Sportsbet app certainly provides this.

    Sportsbet Mobile Experience

    Sportsbet provide their customers the option of betting via the Sportsbet app or the mobile version of the Sportsbet website. If you have an Apple or Android platform you will be able to download the Sportsbet app and use it on your smart phone or tablet. If however you are a Windows or Blackberry users, you will be able to access each Sportsbet betting markets via the Sportsbet mobile website.

    No matter which way you choose to bet, whether it be by the Sportsbet app or their mobile website, you’ll be satisfied. We believe bettingexpert users will enjoy using the Sportsbet mobile app which is now considered one of the best mobile betting apps available on the Australian market. With the Sportsbet app not only will you be able to place on the go with just a few clicks of your phone or tablet, you will also receive updates on upcoming betting events. The Sportsbet app also delivers the latest betting promotions available to you.

    To access and download the Sportsbet app, simply sign up with Sportsbet today.

    Download the Sportsbet App

    The Sportsbet app is available for the following platforms:

    Mobile and Tablet

    Sportsbet mobile

    What is Sportsbet Cash Out?

    Since the launch of betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq over ten years ago, punters have appreciated the opportunity to trade on their pre-match bets in-play. Traditional bookmakers have recently provided customers the chance to do likewise and settle their pre-match positions in-play. Sportsbet Cash Out is just that.

    So what is the Sportbet Cash Out feature? Sportsbet Cash Out gives you the option to take a profit (or loss) from your bet before the event ends. How does it work? Once you have placed your bet, you will be offered a Cash Out amount. The return available for you to take is calculated based on a number of factors including the amount of your original stake, the odds at the time you placed your bet and the odds currently available at the moment of cashing out.

    How does Sportsbet Cash Out work?

    Let’s say you have bet on Penrith to defeat Canberra in the NRL. You bet on Penrith pre-match at odds of 1.75 and at half time the Panthers have a big lead over the Raiders, with the Panthers’ odds of winning the match dropping to 1.15. Sportbet Cash Out gives you the chance to settle your bet based on the current match odds allowing you to take a reduced profit before the match ends and in doing so, protecting yourself from any concerns that the Raiders pull off an unexpected second half comeback. All you need to do is click the Cash Out button displaed under each of your selections listed. To see which bets you can currently cash out of, simply visit My Account and clicking on the Bet History tab.

    Sportsbet Cash Out is not only available for single bets, you can likewise cash out of your multiple bets. For example, you have a 5 leg multiple bet for the weekend’s AFL matches and your first four legs have all come in as winners. Sportbet’s cash out feature allows you to cash out of your multiple bet and take a profit based on both the odds of the first four successful legs of your multiple and the odds of the fifth leg also coming in as a winner.

    Which markets is Sportsbet Cash Out available for?

    It should be noted that any bets placed via phone can only be cashed out via phone and not via the internet. Likewise, only events listed with the Cash Out symbol are available for the cash out feature, so if you’re planning to cash out of a bet, be sure to check for the Cash Out symbol before you place your initial bet.

    What is the Sportsbet Cash Card?

    The Sportsbet Cash Card is a great feature giving you access to your winnings instantly as cash from any ATM as well as the ability to make purchases in-store as you would with any regular EFTPOS card.

    How can you get a Sportsbet Cash Card?

    It’s easy. To qualify for a Sportsbet Cash Card, you must have a verified Sportsbet account, be an Australian resident and have your address details correct and up to date. You will receive your Sportsbet Cash Card in the mail within 10 business days.

    Activating your Sportsbet Cash Card

    Once you receive your Sportsbet Cash Card, it will need to be activated. To do so, log into your Sportsbet account, click on My Account, followed by Sportsbet Cash. You will then be asked to enter your unique 9 digit activation code. Once you have completed these steps, your card is available for you to use.

    How to use your Sportsbet Cash Card

    Transferring winnings to your Sportsbet Cash Card is simple. Just visit My Account, followed by Sportsbet Cash and then select Withdraw Winnings To Card. Funds are available immediately allowing to you to use your Sportsbet Cash Card to withdraw cash from any ATM or to make in-store purchases. You can also transfer funds held in your Sportsbet Cash Card balance directly into your Sportsbet account.

    Sportsbet Cash Card Limits

    The maximum that you can load onto your card per transaction is $1,000, with a $3,000 daily limit and a maximum of $5,000 that can be held on your card at any one time.

    The maximum ATM withdrawal is $1,000 with a minimum of $20, while the maximum transaction and daily limit for point of sale purchases is $3,000.

    Full details can be found via the Sportsbet Cash Card FAQ.

    Sportsbet Cash Card Help

    If you have any issues with your Sportsbet Cash Card, you can contact the Sportsbet Cash Support Line on 1800 188 238 or via email [email protected]

    Sportsbet card

    Live Streaming at Sportsbet

    Sportsbet live streaming offers customers with a funded account live online broadcasts of a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket and horse racing.

    What Can You Watch?

    To see which live streaming events are upcoming streams, visit Sportsbet’s live betting section. If you’re a soccer fan, Sportsbet’s offers live broadcasts of the Carling Cup, Serie A, Ligue 1, Ligue 1, Scottish Premier League just to mention a few. Cricket fans can view live one day internationals while tennis punters can enjoy live tennis broadcasts of a range of tournaments and competitions including ATP 250. If you enjoy betting on basketball, Sportsbet’s live streaming delivers coverage of major European leagues and tournaments.

    Sportsbet Live Streaming Access Requirements

    While it’s free to access Sportsbet’s live streaming service, users must have a verified Sportsbet account showing a positive balance.

    Sportsbet Odds & Markets

    While Sportsbet does not offer the best odds in the industry when it comes to bookmaker commissions, their odds are competitive. AFL betting customers can get match game lines at odds of 1.92 while point totals over/under are available at odds of 1.88 with head to head match odds listed at similar commission rates. If you prefer betting on the NRL, game lines are available at odds of 1.90. Sportsbet customers can bet on other markets such as major European soccer leagues and tournaments, the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL at similarly competitive rates. Tennis punters however may be a little disappointed with Sportsbet odds, with both set and game handicaps offered at odds of just 1.83.


    Sportsbet Deposit

    Funding your Sportsbet account is a simple and easy process. There are a number of deposit methods available for Sportsbet customers.

    How to deposit with Sportsbet

    Sportsbet customers can deposit funds via Credit card, Debit card, Sportsbet Cash card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Poli, Skrill and Bpay. For details on each deposit method, please refer to Sportsbet’s deposit methods FAQ.

    Depositing via Bank Transfer

    You can deposit directly into your Sportsbet account via your online banking account, using your Sportsbet account number. You can do so via either:

    National Australia Bank
    Account: Sportsbet
    BSB: 083-004
    Account Number: 47-272-7355

    Commonwealth Bank
    Account: Sportsbet
    BSB: 063-010
    Account Number: 12-210-557

    Depositing via Sportsbet Cash Card

    You can deposit funds directly from your Sportsbet Cash Card into your Sportsbet account. Funds deposited from your Sportsbet Cash Card are ready for use immediately.

    Placing a Bet with Sportsbet

    With a very user friendly interface, placing a bet with Sportsbet is easy. To prove just how simple it is, we’ve put together a quick step by step guide to placing a bet with Sportsbet.

    Step 1

    Log into your Sportsbet account. If you haven’t created an account, follow our quick guide to creating an account with Sportbets here.

    Step 2

    Select between Racing, Sports or Bet Live from the tabs across the top of your betting table, then select the sport you want to bet on from the menu provided on the left sidebar.

    Step 3

    Once you’ve found the sport you want to bet on, select the league or tournament that you wish to bet on from the list provided.

    Step 4

    Once you’ve found the market you want to bet on, find the specific event from the options provided.

    Step 5

    Once you’ve found the particular event you want to bet on, you will be offered a list of markets for that event that you can place a bet on. Choose the market you are looking to bet on and then the result or outcome that you want to bet by clicking on the odds offered.

    Step 6

    Your selection will then be added to the ‘Bet Slip’ and displayed on the top of the right sidebar. To place your bet simply enter how much money you wish to bet on this result into the ‘stake’ field.

    Step 7

    Once you’ve entered your stake, click the green ‘Bet’ button. If you have enough funds in your account to cover your desired stake, your bet will then be confirmed. If you do not have the funds required to meet your chosen stake, you be given the opportunity to deposit funds into your account.

    It’s also worth noting that occasionally, particularly in the case of in-play betting, the odds may change before you have the chance to confirm your bet. If this happens, you will be asked whether you wish to bet with the revised odds or to cancel your bet.

    Sportsbet Withdraw

    Withdrawing funds from your Sportsbet account is an easy and fairly straightforward process. It should be noted however, that before you can withdraw any funds from your account, you must complete the Sportsbet customer verification process. You can begin this process by clicking on the My Account link at the top of the front page, then clicking the Verify Me link displayed under My Account Details. You will then be required to complete a 100 point identification check by completing the Sportsbet downloadable Certified Document Form.

    How to withdraw from your Sportsbet account

    Once Sportsbet have verified your identity, you will be able to withdraw your funds. Here’s how:

    Step 1

    Log into your Sportsbet account, click the Withdraw link displayed at the top of the front page.

    Step 2

    Sportsbet offers a range of withdraw methods, including Bank Transfer, credit card, Skrill, Pay Pal, cheque and Sportsbet Cash Card.

    Step 3

    Enter the amount of money that you wish to withdraw from your Sportsbet account and your preferred transaction method.

    Step 4

    Depending upon your chosen transaction method, it can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days for your funds to be available. If at any time you have concerns regarding the status of your transaction please contact Sportsbet customer support for assistance.

    Which withdraw method is best for you? Here’s a quick reference guide to each withdraw method available at Sportsbet.

    Withdrawing via Sportsbet Cash Card

    You can get access to your winnings instantly by using your Sportsbet Cash Card. Simply transfer your winnings to your card and they are ready to use instantly, either as cash from any ATM or to use for in-store purchases.

    Sportsbet Customer Support

    An important aspect of any bookmaker experience is the quality of customer support available. Sportsbet provides customer support and can be contacted via the following methods:

    Free Phone: 1800 990 907
    Available Monday to Saturday 8am to 11pm, Sunday 9am to 9pm (AEST)
    Live Chat
    Twitter: @sportsbetcomau
    Postal Address: GPO Box 4755, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001.

    You can also access a series of FAQs and customer guides by clicking on the ‘Help’ tab in the top right of your screen.

    Responsible Gambling at Sportsbet

    Sportsbet has a detailed guide dedicated to Responsible Gambling offering customers a number of options to ensure that their gambling doesn’t get the best of them. These options include the ability for customers to limit their deposits with the additional option of permanent Self Exclusion which allows users to block access to their Sportsbet account.

    Sportsbet also offers customers tips on how to handle their budget to ensure that they are only betting money that they can afford to lose as well as helping problem gamblers to discover alternative past times and hobbies away from gambling.

    For more information on problem gambling visit our Responsible Gambling Guide.



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