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Euro 2021 Predictions & Betting Tips

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Today’s Euro 2021 Predictions

The UEFA Euro 2021 finals are sure to generate a ton of betting traffic, increasing the demand for free Euro 2021 betting tips. Luckily for you, when it comes to expert free Euro 2021 predictions across a wide range of betting markets, bettingexpert have got you covered.

Euro 2021 will be the 16th UEFA European Championship, and will mark the 60th anniversary of the competition. To celebrate this, Euro 2021 will be a “Pan European Championships”, with games played at the biggest and best national stadiums across Europe, instead of the traditional single country.

The event will begin at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome where Italy will play Turkey on June 12 and will climax on July 12 with the Euro 2021 final, which will be held at Wembley Stadium. The defending European Champions are Portugal. Bettingexpert will provide a wide range of free Euro 2021 betting tips for every game throughout the tournament.

Euro 2021 will feature 24 teams divided into six groups of four teams:

  • Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
  • Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
  • Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, Play-Off Winner
  • Group D: England, Croatia, Play-Off Winner, Czech Republic
  • Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Play-Off Winner
  • Group F: Play-Off Winner, Portugal, France, Germany

Here’s how the 16 teams contesting the four playoff places lineup:

Iceland v Romania, Bulgaria v Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina v Northern Ireland, Slovakia v Republic of Ireland, Scotland v Israel, Norway v Serbia, Georgia v Belarus, North Macedonia v Kosovo

A quick glance at the groups shows that the clear “Group Of Death” of Euro 2021 is Group F, with holders Portugal, reigning World Cup holders France, and the mighty Germany. Already, Euro 2021 is shaping up to be an unforgettable event, and one that will throw up plenty of mouth-watering fixtures to bet on. Naturally, we at bettingexpert will go out of our way to bring you the very best free Euro 2021 prediction for a wide range of betting markets including Euro 2021 Winner, Group Winner, 3rd Place Winner as well as Match Winner, First Goalscorer, Both Teams To Score, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time, Anytime Goalscorer and Draw No Bet to name just a few.

How Can I Find Today’s Euro 2021 Betting Tips?

Finding today’s Euro 2021 predictions is easy:

  • At the top of the Euro 2021 Betting Tips page you’ll find the day’s three most tipped Euro 2021 games.
  • These three games have the total number of today’s Euro 2021 predictions they have received posted clearly upon them.
  • To see today’s Euro 2021 betting tips for a specific game, click on the game you require and its tips will appear.
  • You can also find today’s Euro 2021 predictions by checking on the daily Euro 2020 schedule on the bettingexpert website. It features the daily Euro 2021 schedule complete with the number of betting tips posted per match.

Remember, to view a game’s tips just click on the match you are interested in and those tips will instantly appear. If you don’t see a specific game, click on the Load More button and more scheduled Euro 2021 games will appear.

To view the entire day’s Euro 2021 schedule including tips, live scores and results, click the View Full Schedule button.


All Euro 2021 betting tips at bettingexpert feature the following information:

  • Time and date of game
  • Competing teams
  • Tipster name and their tipster rating
  • Bookmaker, current odds and odds taken at the time of publishing tip
  • Bet type and market
  • Prediction
  • Tip preview and analysis

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Free Euro 2021 Betting Tips

Almost all of the bettingexpert community are hard-core football fans, and when a major competition such as Euro 2021 comes around, our guys are only too keen to provide top free Euro 2021 betting tips throughout the entire completion. We will make sure to provide you with the best tips, just as we do for other major leagues such as the Champions League or the Europa League. Remember, while our Euro 2021 predictions will be unequalled in terms of quality, they remain free, as does the rest of our content, including:

  • Our concise and detailed bookmaker reviews
  • The Bettingexpert Academy plus other educational material
  • A wide variety of expert betting tips, including our free Euro 2021 betting tips

We encourage regular bettingexpert visitors to sign up and enjoy the many benefits that come with being part of such a vast and international community. However, regardless of whether you are a member or not, our expert tips will continue to be 100% free, and that includes our free Euro 2021 betting tips!

Should you charge money for a prediction? Can you ethically ask to be paid for something that is not guaranteed? At bettingexpert, we are not comfortable charging for betting tips, regardless of their proven profitability and consistency.
Therefore, our free Euro 2021 predictions will be just that – free. These tips have been formulated by experts free of charge, so we feel we have no right to then sell them on for money. Sites with far less credibility than bettingexpert have no such qualms, but they should be avoided like the plague! Stick with us for the best league tips of 2021.

At bettingexpert we make a habit of keeping a detailed record of how every tipster who has ever been a part of our community has performed. We then post the results on our site for all to see. These records go toward proving just how accurate and consistent our tipsters are, and how that will reflect on our free Euro 2021 betting tips.

Check out our free Euro 2021 predictions today and start following our top Euro 2021 tipsters. Every time they post a new free Euro 2021 betting tip, you’ll be sent it!

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The bettingexpert family represents the largest international sports betting community on the web. During Euro 2021 month, you will need access to the very best free Euro 2021 betting tips, and if you choose to become part of the bettingexpert community you can follow the very tipsters who provide those free Euro 2021 predictions, and receive real-time notifications whenever they deliver a new one.

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Below are just some of the benefits to be had when becoming a bettingexpert community member:

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Expert Euro 2021 Betting Tips

When covering a Euro 2021 game, our tipsters will always do the following:

  • Check the recent Head-to-Head between the two teams, the results, the scorelines, home and away performances etc
  • Analyse every available stat pertaining to the two teams, attack, defence, how well they travel, previous performances in the Euros and World Cup
  • Investigate every fact and rumors surrounding the two teams, their players and their coaching staff. Are there hidden injuries? Is there a lack of harmony in the dressing room?

Only after intense scrutiny of all of these factors will our top football tipsters then create the expert free Euro 2021 tips that we are famous for.

To check out our current top-five Euro 2021 tipsters (based-off career profits), see the right sidebar of this page. You can also see our current Top Euro 2021 Tip located at the top of the right sidebar.

What It Takes To Become A Tipster

There are several factors that go into becoming a top tipster:

  • A deep love of sports
  • A nerd-like interest in sports stats, sports facts and sports trivia
  • A savant-like ability to remember the bulk of the sports stats and facts you have been studying
  • The ability to put all of that information into correctly predicting the outcome of a sports event

Some people have a knack for guessing the outcome of a game, but that only lasts as long as Lady Luck is smiling on you. Doing all of that hard work first creates a top tipster that is built to last!

Throughout the four weeks of Euro 2021, from the group stages through to the knockout stages, semifinals and the final itself, our top Euro 2021 tipsters will be providing you with free Euro 2021 betting tips across a wide range of football markets that includes the following:

Euro 2021 Winner, 3rd Place Winner, Group Winner, Game Winner, First Goalscorer, Both Teams To Score, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time, Anytime Goalscorer and Draw No Bet.

All of bettingexpert’s free Euro 2021 betting tips are rigorously researched, and when it comes to accuracy and consistency, our tips have proven to be unequalled. And of course, they remain 100% free.

The Best Euro 2021 Tipsters Online

At bettingexpert we encourage what we believe to be a healthy rivalry among our top tipsters. That is certainly the case among our hard-core football tipsters. Putting egos aside, that competitiveness helps to keep our guys at the top of their game. That rivalry will manifest itself into delivering the very best free Euro 2021 betting tips available anywhere online.

The profiles of any and all of our top betting tipsters are available to the public, and show the total Profit and Yield that each has made to date is. At bettingexpert we believe that these stats prove beyond doubt that our tipsters are World Class, the best to be found anywhere online, and will provide you with the very best free Euro 2021 betting tips online.

So if you are looking for the very best in free Euro 2021 betting tips, you need look no further than bettingexpert.

Euro 2021 Stats

Across the fifteen European Championships, the average number of goals scored has been 2.32 per match. This includes only goals scored in regulation time of 90 minutes. We can see that not only is this well below the average number of goals scored across the history of the World Cup, but it is likewise far below the average number of goals scored in the major leagues of Europe the last five seasons, with even the defensive Ligue Un exceeding the Euro average.

League Over 1.5 Goals Under 1.5 Goals Over 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals Over 3.5 Goals Under 3.5 Goals Average Goals
Euro 70.3% 29.7% 39.9% 60.1% 17.1% 82.9% 2.32
World Cup 72.3% 27.7% 50.1% 49.9% 30.0% 70.0% 2.75
Bundesliga 79.3% 20.7% 56.2% 43.8% 33.6% 66.4% 2.91
La Liga 74.6% 25.4% 50.3% 49.7% 28.2% 71.8% 2.71
Ligue 1 72.2% 27.8% 47.3% 52.7% 26.0% 74.0% 2.57
Premier League 75.6% 24.4% 52.1% 47.9% 30.0% 70.0% 2.72
Serie A 75.1% 24.9% 52.2% 47.8% 29.4% 70.6% 2.73

Likewise, when it comes to matches where both teams scored goals, Euro tournaments have seen only 46.5% feature goals from both competing teams, again well below the average of even Ligue Un the last five seasons. When it comes to scoreless matches, Euro matches have gone without a goal just over 11% of the time, well above the average of any of the major domestic leagues of Europe and the World Cup.

League Both Teams Score – Yes Scoreless Matches
Euro 46.5% 11.2%
World Cup 50.6% 9.3%
Bundesliga 55.1% 6.9%
La Liga 50.3% 7.3%
Ligue 1 48.2% 7.9%
Premier League 50.8% 7.5%
Serie A 53.8% 7.5%

Euro 2021 Favourites

Germany and Spain are the most successful European nations, each winning three Euro tournaments, while Germany has played in six finals to Spain’s four. Impressively, Germany has reached at least the semi finals in nine of the fifteen tournaments plated. The only other nation to have won multiple Euro tournaments is France, winning twice and reaching three finals along the way.

There have been only two nations to have reached a Euro final and never win the tournament, Yugoslavia played in the 1960 and 1968 finals but never went on to win the tournament, while Belgium have reached the final once, losing in 1980.

Below is the full list of Euro winners and runners up for each tournament dating back to the first European Championship ever played in 1960.

2016 Portugal France
2012 Spain Italy
2008 Spain Germany
2004 Greece Portugal
2000 France Italy
1996 Germany Czech Republic
1992 Denmark Germany
1988 Netherlands Soviet Union
1984 France Spain
1980 West Germany Belgium
1976 Czechoslovakia West Germany
1972 West Germany Soviet Union
1968 Italy Yugoslavia
1964 Spain Soviet Union
1960 Soviet Union Yugoslavia

Bet On Euro 2021

If you intend to bet on Euro 2021, it might be worthwhile to learn a little about what is many people’s favourite football competition. That way, you will be ready to enjoy the competition right from the start of the knockout stages! We will cover all events with detailed match previews and analysis. The European Championships or Euros are held every four years, and are second only to the World Cup in terms of prestige. Competition is fierce, and as the teams at the finals are the best in Europe, there are no “easy games”, as there are sometimes at the World Cup. This result is a constant stream of classic matchups and exciting games, which is great for betting on, especially if you are using our free Euro 2021 betting tips.

The team that wins the Euros is often the best team in the world, and that was reflected recently by Spain, whose wins in 2008 and 2012 sandwiched their 2010 World Cup win. However, the Euros has also had its surprise winners, such as the Denmark team in 1992 that only got in the finals as a late replacement for Yugoslavia, and he Greek team of 2004 that took the term “winning ugly” to a whole new level.

At bettingexpert we make sure that for an event of the prestige of the FIFA Euro 2021 we are sure to provide expert free Euro 2021 betting tips across a wide range of Euro 2021 betting markets. Finding out who the next European Champions will be has never been so exciting!

Employ A Betting Strategy

If you intend to bet regularly on any one sport, it is advisable to employ a sports betting strategy. As the no.1 resource of its kind online, the Bettingexpert Academy can help you formulate a betting strategy. In a similar vein, bettingexpert’s Euro 2021 Betting Guide is detailed and concise, and provides plenty of pointers on how to get the most from your sports betting. Here are some examples:

  • Only Bet When There’s Value – It’s common-sense, yet many forget the most basic rule in sports betting: Don’t waste money on bets that aren’t likely to come off, or don’t earn you anything if they do.
  • Specialise – Euro 2021 offers a multitude of betting markets. Find out what market you enjoy the most and have the most success with, and focus your attention on it.
  • Have Several Bookmaker Accounts – Not all bookies will offer the best odds for your bet, having several accounts ensures you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Keep A Record – Maintaining a record of your prior wagers enables you to see where you might have gone wrong, and also allows you to get a clear picture of what markets you excel at.

More specific, Euro 2021 related advice includes:

Do Your Preseason Research

The more you know about the teams involved in Euro 2021, the luckier you will become in your betting. Find out which teams have strengthened their squads with young talent and which have lost key players.

Check Head-to-Head Matchups

One of the best ways of forecasting a result is by examining their previous Head-to-Head encounters. By seeing the previous six results between two teams that are scheduled to meet, you can often form a solid opinion as to the outcome of their latest meeting.

Learn To Spot The Upset

Sometimes the most illustrious of teams make shock early exits from a competition. The reason is often because said teams is full of star players exhausted by their exploits during a gruelling season with their club. If several of these players hearts are not into it, they can come a cropper against a lesser, hungrier team.

If you would like to know more, visit the bettingexpert Academy and read our EURO 2021 betting guide.

Bookmakers For Betting On Euro 2021

All major online bookies will provide multiple markets for Euro 2021 betting, which can be used in conjunction with our expert Euro 2021 betting tips.

When choosing your online bookmaker try and stick to the well-established names you are familiar with, and be sure that your bookmaker provides these four key elements:

  • Consistently Competitive Odds
  • A Wide Range Of Betting Markets
  • All Major Competitions Covered
  • Extensive In-Play Betting Markets

In-play enables you to bet on the action during the course of the game, which only adds to the excitement. Some bookmakers now provide Live-Streaming for many sports including Euro 2021, which makes in-play betting even more fun.

To find the ideal bookmaker for your EURO 2021 betting, be sure to read our detailed bookmaker reviews.

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