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EURO 2021: fixtures, results, dates & venues

Euro 2021 fixtures are set to kick off in June and our bettingexpert Euro 2021 dates and fixtures list will keep you up to date each day of European football’s greatest tournament. Europe’s top 24 footballing nations will compete through six groups with sixteen teams qualifying for the knockout stage and their chance to claim the greatest prize in European international football.

The Euro 2021 schedule will feature 24 nations each playing three group matches for a total of 36 Euro 2021 games through the group stage. Euro 2021 dates for the Knockout stage will feature 16 nations who will each seek to progress through the round of sixteen, through the quarter final, semi finals on their way to the Euro 2021 final in mid July.

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Full Euro 2021 Fixtures & Dates

Date Time CET Match Group City
11/06/21 21:00 Turkey vs Italy Grp A Rome
12/06/21 15:00 Wales vs Switzerland Grp A Baku
12/06/21 18:00 Denmark vs Finland Grp B Copenhagen
12/06/21 21:00 Belgium vs Russia Grp B St Petersburg
13/06/21 15:00 England vs Croatia Grp D London
13/06/21 18:00 Austria vs Nth Macedonia Grp C Bucharest
13/06/21 21:00 Netherlands vs Ukraine Grp C Amsterdam
14/06/21 15:00 Scotland vs Czech Republic Grp D Glasgow
14/06/21 18:00 Poland vs Slovakia Grp E St Petersburg
14/06/21 21:00 Spain vs Sweden Grp E Seville
15/06/21 18:00 Hungary vs Portugal Grp F Budapest
15/06/21 21:00 France vs Germany Grp F Munich
16/06/21 15:00 Finland vs Russia Grp B St Petersburg
16/06/21 18:00 Turkey vs Wales Grp A Baku
16/06/21 21:00 Italy vs Switzerland Grp A Rome
17/06/21 15:00 Ukraine vs Nth Macedonia Grp C Bucharest
17/06/21 18:00 Denmark vs Belgium Grp B Copenhagen
17/06/21 21:00 Netherlands vs Austria Grp C Amsterdam
18/06/21 15:00 Sweden vs Slovakia Grp E St Petersburg
18/06/21 18:00 Croatia vs Czech Republic Grp D Glasgow
18/06/21 21:00 England vs Scotland Grp D London
19/06/21 15:00 Hungary vs France Grp F Budapest
19/06/21 17:00 Portugal vs Germany Grp F Munich
19/06/21 21:00 Spain vs Poland Grp E Seville
20/06/21 18:00 Italy vs Wales Grp A Rome
20/06/21 18:00 Switzerland vs Turkey Grp A Baku
21/06/21 18:00 Nth Macedonia vs Netherlands Grp C Amsterdam
21/06/21 18:00 Ukraine vs Austria Grp C Bucharest
21/06/21 21:00 Russia vs Denmark Grp B Copenhagen
21/06/21 21:00 Finland vs Belgium Grp B St Petersburg
22/06/21 21:00 Czech Republic vs England Grp D London
22/06/21 21:00 Croatia vs Scotland Grp D Glasgow
23/06/21 18:00 Slovakia vs Spain Grp E Seville
23/06/21 18:00 Sweden vs Poland Grp E St Petersburg
23/06/21 21:00 Germany vs Hungary Grp F Munich
23/06/21 21:00 Portugal vs France Grp F Budapest
26/06/21 17:00 2A vs 2B 1/16, 1 Amsterdam
26/06/21 20:00 1A vs 2C 1/16, 2 London
27/06/21 17:00 1C vs 3D/E/F 1/16, 3 Budapest
27/06/21 20:00 1B vs 3 A/D/E/F 1/16, 4 Seville
28/06/21 17:00 2D vs 2E 1/16, 5 Copenhagen
28/06/21 20:00 1F vs 3A/B/C 1/16, 6 Bucharest
29/06/21 17:00 1D vs 2F 1/16, 7 London
29/06/21 20:00 1E vs 3A/B/C/D 1/16, 8 Glasgow
02/07/21 17:00 R16 6 vs R16 5 QF 1 St Petersburg
02/07/21 20:00 R16 4 vs R16 2 QF 2 Munich
03/07/21 17:00 R16 3 vs R16 1 QF 3 Baku
03/07/21 20:00 R16 8 vs R16 7 QF 4 Rome
06/07/21 20:00 QF2 vs QF1 SF 1 London
07/07/21 20:00 QF3 vs QF4 SF 2 London
11/07/21 20:00 SF1 vs SF2 Final London

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Euro 2021 Results

What are the latest Euro 2021 results? Check our Euro 2021 results list below for all the latest scores:

*Results to be updated

Euro 2021 Schedule

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first European football championship, the Euro 2021 games will be held across a total of 12 Euro 2021 host cities. While the European football Championship has traditionally been hosted in one nation as it was in 2016 for hosts France or two nations as it was in 2012 for Poland and Ukraine, this year’s Euro 2021 dates will see tournament play held right across the European continent with 12 nations and Euro 2021 venues hosting group play and each nation hosting at least one match from the knockout stage. While host nations typically earn immediate entry to the tournament, the Euro 2021 will be an exception with each nation required to qualify through qualification tournament play.

The multi host nation format will prove to give Euro 2021 dates a truly international feel with football fans across the continent having the chance to witness the best footballers in Europe competing for championship fame and glory.

Euro 2021 Fixtures: Group Stage

When does the Euro 2021 begin? Euro 2021 dates have been set with the tournament set to kickoff on June 11th 2021. The group stage games are set for the kick off on June 11th with Euro 2021 matches for the group stage concluding on June 23rd. The Euro 2021 schedule for the knockout stage is June 26th through to the Euro 2021 final to be contested on July 11th. Here’s the Euro 2021 schedule for each competing group:

Euro 2021 Dates: Knockout Stage

The knockout stage is when the stakes are raised, with everything on the line for the best footballing nations in Europe. At Euro 2021, the round of 16 will take place in the concluding week of June, while July will see quarter final, semi final action culminating in the Euro 2021 final in mid July.

  • Round of 16 Dates: June 2021
  • Quarter Final Dates: July 2021
  • Semi Final Dates: July 2021
  • Final Date: July 2021

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Euro 2021 Venues

There are twelve Euro 2021 venues set to play hosts. Each of the Euro 2021 cities will see three group matches as well as knockout stage action. London’s Wembley Stadium has the largest capacity of all Euro 2021 stadiums with 90,000 while Parken Stadium in Copenhagen has the smallest at over 38,000.

List of Euro 2021 Stadiums

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, Johan Cruyff Arena
  • Baku, Azerbaijan, Olympic Stadium
  • Seville, Spain, La Cartuja
  • Bucharest, Romania, Arena National
  • Budapest, Hungary, Puskas Arena
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, Parken Stadium
  • Glasgow, Scotland, Hampden Park
  • London, England, Wembley Stadium
  • Munich, Germany, Allianz Arena
  • Rome, Italy, Stadio Olimpico
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia, Krestovsky Stadium

What will the Euro 2021 location be for the final? That goes to London’s Wembley Stadium that will host not only the final but will be the Euro 2021 location for each of the semi finals. So English fans should be excited about having a chance to see their nation claim European glory on home turf.

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Euro 2021 Final Venue

What is the venue for the final of Euro 2021? The Euro 2021 final venue is London’s Wembley stadium. With a capacity of 90,000 fans, there’s no doubt the famous stadium is one of the best football stadiums in the world and will be a fitting host as the Euro 2021 final venue. Which other stadiums have hosted the Euro final?

  • 1960, Parc des Princes, Paris, France
  • 1964, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium,Madrid, Spain
  • 1968, Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
  • 1972, Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1976, Stadion FK Crvena Zvezda, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • 1980, Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
  • 1984, Parc des Princes, Paris, France
  • 1988, Olympiastadion, Munich, West Germany
  • 1992, Ullevi,Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 1996, Wembley Stadium, London, England
  • 2000, Feijenoord Stadion, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 2004, Estádio da Luz, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2008, Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna, Austria
  • 2012, Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex, Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2016, Stade de France, Saint-Denis, France
  • 2021, Wembley Stadium, London, England

Euro 2021 Fixtures Schedule

The Euro 2021 games will kick off on June 11th with a single match to be played between Italy and Turkey with the Italian capital Rome to play host city for the tournament kickoff. While each match of the group stage is crucial to each team’s hope, football fans across the world will pay particular attention to the marque matches of the group round, many of which will decide Euro 2021 tables and knockout stage qualification. These include:

  • England vs Croatia, London, June 13th
  • France vs Germany, Munich, June 15th
  • Portugal vs Germany, Munich, June 19th
  • Portugal vs France, Budapest, June 23rd
  • Spain vs Sweden, Bilbao, June 14th
  • Spain vs Poland, Bilbao, June 19th

Euro 2021 Knockout Stage

While the Euro 2021 games for the group stage offer a number of exciting matchups, it’s the knockout stage every football fan across Europe and the world will be looking forward to.

Which nations could clash during the Euro 2021 knockout stage? Based on the bookmakers Euro 2021 tables projections, here is a list of potential knockout stage matchups for the round of 16:

  • Italy vs Netherlands
  • Italy vs Belgium
  • Belgium vs Portugal
  • Netherlands vs Portugal
  • England vs Germany
  • England vs France
  • England vs Portugal
  • Turkey vs Russia

Euro 2021 Fixtures England

London will host each of England’s group matches and for fans of English football, the famous Wembley stadium will also host the national team deep into the knockout stage of the tournament. England’s three group matches at Wembley stadium are:

  • England vs Croatia, Wembley Stadium, London, June 13th, 14:00
  • England vs Scotland, Wembley Stadium, London, June 18th, 20:00
  • England vs Czech Republic, Wembley Stadium, London, June 22nd, 20:00

Euro 2021 Host Cities

Euro 2021 host cities will number a total of 12, with each city hosting group stage play as well as at least one match in the knockout stage. London will host both semi finals and the Euro 2021 final. Each of the six groups will feature play in two Euro 2021 host cities. To learn more, read our detailed reviews for each of the Euro 2021 cities.

Euro 2021 London

  • Wembley Stadium
  • Capacity: 90,000
  • Domestic Host Club: Neutral venue

The city of London will stage the most Euro 2021 dates of any city. Wembley Stadium will host three matches from Group D in addition to hosting one match from the round of sixteen, both semi finals and the final. London’s three group stage matches will feature the home nation England in competition with Croatia, Czech Republic and Scotland.

Wembley is host to both the FA Cup and League Cup Finals as well as international football action. It also hosts semi final cup play, league playoffs and international sporting events such as the NFL. Wembley will host the Euro 2021 fixtures England will be watching with great anticipation.

Euro 2021 Rome

  • Stadio Olimpico
  • Capacity: 70,634
  • Domestic Host Clubs: Lazio, Roma

The Italian capital will stage three Euro 2021 matches from Group A in addition to a quarter final. Rome’s Stadio Olimpico will see the host nation compete against Turkey to open the tournament followed by matches with Switzerland and Wales.

Stadio Olimpico hosts current Serie A clubs Lazio and Roma and has done so since 1953. It also hosts the Coppa Italia final, both international football and rugby and was renovated in time to host the World Cup FInal in 1990.

Euro 2021 Baku

  • Olympic Stadium
  • Capacity: 68,700
  • Domestic Host Club: Qarabag FK (European competitions)

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan will host three Euro 2021 games from Group A in addition to a quarter final. Baku’s Olympic Stadium will feature matches between Wales, Switzerland and Turkey.

Baku Olympic Stadium hosts international football for the Azerbaijan national team and domestic club Qarabag FK when competing in European club tournaments.

Euro 2021 Copenhagen

  • Parken Stadium
  • Capacity: 38,065
  • Domestic Host Club: FC Copenhagen

The Danish capital will host three Euro 2021 games from Group B in addition to a match from the round of sixteen. Group B action from Parken Stadium will feature the host nation Denmark in action with Finland, Belgium and Russia.

Parken Stadium hosts local Danish Superliga club FC Copenhagen and has also hosted European competition matches for various Danish clubs. It is also the host stadium for the Danish national football team.

Euro 2021 Saint Petersburg

  • Krestovsky Stadium
  • Capacity: 67,800
  • Domestic Host Club: FC Zenit Saint Petersburg

The Russian city of Saint Petersburg will host three Euro 2021 dates from Group B with the host nation facing both Belgium and Finland with the third match of the three seeing Belgium and Finland facing off. Saint Petersburg will also host a quarter final match.

Krestovsky Stadium hosts international play for the Russian national football team as well the Russian Premier League club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. It also hosted matches for the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup.

Euro 2021 Bucharest

  • Arena Națională
  • Capacity: 55,634
  • Domestic Host Clubs: FCSB, Dinamo București

Romania’s Arena Nationala will host three Euro 2021 games from Group C featuring  Austria, Ukraine and North Macedonia. The Romanian capital will also host a match from the Round of sixteen.

Arena Națională hosts not only the Romanian national team but local Romanian clubs FCSB, Dinamo Bucuresti for both domestic and international play while Rapid Bucuresti plays hosts for European club play.

Euro 2021 Amsterdam

  • Johan Cruyff Arena
  • Capacity: 54,990
  • Domestic Host Club: AFC Ajax

Amsterdam’s Johan Cruyff Arena will host three Euro 2021 matches from Group C. The three matches will feature the host nation Netherlands in competition with Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia. Amsterdam will also host a match from the round of sixteen.

Johan Cruyff Arena is the home stadium for local Dutch club AFC Ajax and has done so since 1996. The stadium also plays host for the Dutch national football team and has previously hosted European American football team, Amsterdam Admirals.

Euro 2021 Glasgow

  • Hampden Park
  • Capacity: 51,866
  • Domestic Host Club: Queen’s Park FC

Hampden Park will host three Euro 2021 games from Group D featuring the Czech Republic, Croatia and Scotland. Glasgow will also host a match from the round of sixteen.

Hampden Park currently hosts Scottish football club Queen’s Park FC and has done so since 1903. It has played host to the Scottish national football team since 1906 and holds an attendance record of 149,547 achieved when Scotland hosted England back in April of 1937.

Euro 2021 Seville

  • La Cartuja
  • Capacity: 60,000
  • Domestic Host Club: Seville, Real Betis

Seville’s La Cartuja stadium will host three Euro 2021 group games from Group E, featuring games between hosts Spain, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia as well as a round of 16 match.

Euro 2021 Budapest

  • Puskas Arena
  • Capacity: 67,215
  • Domestic Host Club: Neutral venue

Budapest will host three Euro 2021 matches from Group F and their Puskas Arena. Matches will include games between France, Portugal and Hungary. Budapest will also host one match from the round of sixteen.

Puskas Arena was opened in November of 2019 and has played host to the Hungary national football team since its opening.

Euro 2021 Munich

  • Allianz Arena
  • Capacity: 70,000
  • Domestic Host Club: Bayern Munich

Munich’s famed Allianz Arena will host three Euro 2021 fixtures from Group F featuring host nation Germany in battle with France, Portugal and Hungary. Allianz Arena will also host a match from the quarter final round.

Allianz Arena hosts Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich and has since 2005, while hosting 1860 Munich from 2005 to 2017. The stadium is one of the most celebrated in world football having hosted World Cup matches and two European Champions League finals.