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american-football | Saturday, November 26, 2022 9:20 AM

Week 13 NCAA Football Best Bets: Saturday, November 26th

Week 13 NCAA Football Best Bets: Saturday, November 26th
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Week 13 NCAA Football Best Bets: Saturday, November 26th

It’s rivalry weekend around the landscape of college football, and the campaign has just about concluded. Our resident NCAA football expert Ej Garr has provided a splendid season of tips this year, and he’s picked out two big games to cover for this Saturday. 

Up next: Bowl Season! So let’s put a stamp on the season and go out with a bang before we get there because Ej has two dogs that will bark loudly and proudly!

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Kentucky Wildcats vs Louisville Cardinals Preview

The Governer’s Cup trophy will be sitting adjacent to the sidelines, and both the Cats and Cards want to get their hands on it again! This might be a historic rivalry that dates back to 1912, but this will only be the 34th meeting between the programs and the Wildcats have had the upper hand of late.

Kentucky has won 4 of the last 5 meetings with Louisville overall, but the Cardinals have earned wins in 4 of their previous 5 trips to Lexington (Overall wins in series: 18 – 15, Kentucky edge). The two signed a deal to keep this rivalry game on the field until 2030, so we can keep looking forward to a Governer’s Cup battle for a while.

Anyway, the reason I chose this game to cover was, well, come on now, you know me by now. I love points in my pocket, and Louisville was getting +3.5 with no reason to pay for the hook early in the week. In fact, I see some bookmakers were leaving a +4 at 1.87, and I will disclose that I put a penny on that expecting the line might move.

It is Friday morning here in the States when I hand this in for Saturday, and right now the line is only +3 with Louisville, and the same has happened for my other game you will see me talk about next. The early lines were a point better than they are as game time approaches, and now we simply have a +3 with Louisville and a +3 with Oregon State.

This Louisville defence has set quite the precedence this year, and Bryan Brown has created a big name for himself as DC for the Cards. This is Brown’s third campaign as the Defensive Coordinator/ Assistant Head Coach with Louisville, and the 19.6 PPG ranks Louisville 19th in the nation in scoring.

I don’t think anyone who watched that Wake Forest game a few weeks ago will ever forget how this defence completely took over a football game. When you cause 8 turnovers and create 8 sacks against the Deacons, who were ranked 10th in the land when they got smashed by Louisville on national TV, that stuff sticks with you.

Kentucky has lost 3 of their last 4 games, and sure, no one is beating Georgia so we can let that one slide but the other two losses? Vanderbilt suddenly got a resurgence because they upset Kentucky, so was it because Vanderbilt all of a sudden woke up after 5 years of rubbish, or did Kentucky just lay an egg and come out soft?

I think Scott Satterfield can outcoach Mark Stoops, and I believe that Stoops is going to be on his way out soon. He may indeed be the winningest coach in program history, but it’s only because they’ve let him stay here 10 years to produce a lot of mediocre campaigns. Kentucky is 32 – 50 against SEC foes, and yes, Louisville is an ACC outfit but their conference schedule is done for the year. Another losing record at 3 – 5 from SEC play doesn’t show me improvement on anything that’s backward progress to me!

Kentucky Wildcats vs Louisville Cardinals Best Bet

Louisville is the better football team, they have a motivated team to go out and win a big rivalry game and momentum… Sold! Give me all 3 of those points, thank you!

  • Selection: Louisville +3
  • Best odds: 1.93 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 10:00 am November 26th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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Oregon State Beavers vs Oregon Ducks Preview

November 26, 20:30 (UK time)

Well, we can no longer refer to this rivalry as the Civil War, but all of us old-schoolers are still adjusting to that. Whatever you want to call it, this is a big game between a pair of programs that don’t like each other, and State bragging rights for another year are on the line. The decision to drop the long-standing identifier came in June 2020 as the BLM movement came to a head, but that’s another story.

I want to tell the story of taking the points because, in classic Ej style, the points are in my pocket again. Oregon is favoured to take this game by the same +3.5 we’re getting with Louisville. Who me? Find two dogs? Shocker, I know!

This line also fell during the week, as I saw a +4 at 1.91 on Sunday night after last weekend’s round of matches wrapped up. As the week has progressed, the line is now +/-3, so that’s what we have to work with. 

Points, shmoints! I don’t even think we will need them, and Oregon State is finally going to get over the hump that has been the Ducks for the last decade+. Oregon has won 12 of the last 14 meetings in this series, although the last time they played here in Corvalis the Beavers found a way to win the game, 41 – 38.

Ready? DeShaun Fenwick will be playing this weekend… Shhh, you don’t want to know how I know this so expect him to suit up. Fenwick has missed the last two games, and unless his leg falls off he’ll be on the field. He has been doing a lifetime of rehab in two weeks to be ready for Oregon, and I believe I am hearing that he will be on the field for the Beavers. All that does is bring back the guy the team wants to give the ball around the end zone because he will find paydirt if the Beavers are close to the goal line.

Fenwick contributes nicely to the 33rd-ranked rushing attack in the land that normally finds its way to 32 points an outing. Damien Martinez needs to gain 133 yards on the ground to be a 1000-yard back, as he and Fenwick have combined to score 13 TDs.

The growth of Ben Gulbranson has been impressive to watch, and he has the reigns now that we know that Chance Nolan’s neck injury is a season-ending one. Gulbranson had only appeared in one game last year, and he snuck into the Middle Tennessee game to start this year’s campaign to go 3 for 4 giving us no idea what the season would hold for him.

Of course, Oregon’s Bo Nix has come over from Auburn and lit the Pac-12 on fire, and his 15 – 6 TD to INT ratio is outstanding. Why wouldn’t Oregon be strongly favoured to wipe out Oregon State, right? Wait, this is a field goal spread we’re talking about so that just makes me think of a home dog in an instant. If I am being honest, had Oregon been favoured by 7 or more? I would likely be thinking to offer Oregon to cover, but this line points me in the other direction alone.

Oregon State Beavers vs Oregon Ducks Best Bet

So, with a potential upset and a storming of the field, the Beavers take out Oregon and put beaver Nation into a frenzy! We’ll take all 3 of these points too! 

  • Selection: Oregon State +3
  • Best odds: 1.93 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 10:00 am November  26th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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