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tennis | Friday, August 5, 2022 7:22 AM

Friday Tennis Best Bet: WTA Washington, Daria Saville vs Rebecca Marino

Friday Tennis Best Bet: WTA Washington, Daria Saville vs Rebecca Marino
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Daria Saville vs Rebecca Marino Best Bet: Friday, August 5th

For Friday’s selection from the WTA, it’s off to the 250-level event in Washington, DC, as Daria Saville takes on Rebecca Marino in a match of somewhat contrasting styles.

The tall, big-serving Marino will be looking to keep the points shorter and will have to rely on being able to bank some free points behind her first serve. The more diminutive Australian (the two are about seven inches apart height-wise) will look to move her opponent around the court and prolong points, especially where possible on return.

Make no mistake though, Saville can still manage to generate pace behind her first serve, which will be key for her in this matchup.

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Daria Saville vs Rebecca Marino Preview

Friday, August 5th. 18;45 (UK Time)

This is one of the bigger mistakes by my estimation we’ve seen the bookmakers and market make since I began writing these previews back in May.

While I’m never keen on betting against a fellow Canadian on the tennis courts, it simply must be done this time around.

The odds currently on offer see the Aussie as a 57% favourite, and to me, that number is off by quite a large margin.

As alluded to earlier, Saville can still generate enough pace on her serve to win a respectable number of points behind her first serve. Despite her much smaller stature, she still manages to win nearly 64% of points when she puts her first serve in play. With solid spot-serving and the less-than-stellar returning abilities of Marino, that number could well be near the 65-70% mark in this matchup.

Then there’s the fact that while Marino does win about 70% of her first serve points on hard courts, Saville is a much better opponent than she’s accustomed to and she still struggles to win points behind her second serve (fewer than 50%).

Saville is a former top-20 player in the world for a reason and her massive edge in ability on return, as well as the ability to move the ball around the court and expose the lack of mobility of the tall Canadian should serve her well.

Daria Saville vs Rebecca Marino Best Bet

As you can probably tell by now, I’ll be backing the Aussie with a rather large stake in this one.

Not only for the aforementioned reasons, but also because Saville’s elo rating is nearly 100 points higher than her counterpart’s and because of Marino’s time on court already this week.

Not one for heat and humidity, Marino has not only played four matches to this point (none of her opponents are anywhere near as strong as Saville), but they all went three sets. Outside of just the natural talent and matchup discrepancies, one wouldn’t be blamed for factoring the potential fatigue into their handicap of this match.

  • Selection: Saville to win
  • Best Odds: 1.67 (Unibet)
  • Stakes: 6/10
  • Bonus: Saville 2-0 at 2.79 odds with Pinnacle with 2/10 stakes.

Odds as at 09:00 am on August 5th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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