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bettingexpert’s Bookmaker Comparisons

With the emergence of the internet came the rise of online betting. While only a limited number of bookmakers forged a path in the early days of internet betting, the competition among bookmaker brands is now at an all-time high with dozens of bookmakers looking to attract bettors across the world.

Due to this heated competition between bookmakers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between bookmaker brands. However while most bookmakers seemingly offer similar markets, odds, features and tools, a more discerning eye can identify key differences between most bookmaker brands.

What matters most is not so much one bookmaker differs from another, but rather which bookmaker best suits your needs. We have conducted a thorough comparison of the best bookmakers in the industry.

Bookmaker Brands Considered In This Study:​​​​​

We have also conducted a detailed evaluation and comparative analysis across the UK’s most popular bookmakers, taking a look at  key bookmaker features:


Formula 1 betting

French Open betting

Cycling betting

Indian Premier League

Football betting


Australian Open betting

Super Bowl betting

Terms and Condition

Live Streaming

Customer Service


Mobile Betting


Social Media

World Cup Odds & Markets

MMA Betting

English Premier League Betting

Responsible Gambling

Sports Coverage

NBA Outright Odds

Champions League

American Sports

Best Bookmakers 2021


Best Bookmaker for Cycling betting 🚲

There aren’t many sporting events more difficult than the Tour de France. The biggest date in the cycling calendar is a gruelling 21-stage slog with testing mountain climbs and speedy city sprints. But it’s also a major date for bettors the world over. Bookmakers offer odds on a variety of different markets, allowing cycling fans to bet on their favourite racers in various ways. Naturally, bettors will want to find the best bookmaker for cycling betting so we did the research. We looked at 25 different odds-providers for the outright winner, the points winner, climber classification, top 3 finish, top 10 finish, and whatever else the bookies had to offer. This article will help you make the best choices when it comes to betting on the Tour de France.

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Best Bookmaker for Indian Premier League betting 🏏

The Indian Premier League is the biggest T20 cricket league in the world with a truly global fan base. It’s a big attraction for punters with bettors across the globe eager to back their favourite teams and players. Bookmakers need to meet this demand by offering a wide variety of markets to bet on. Punters will want to know which sites do this and which ones take the lowest rates of commission. We did the research, comparing how 25 different UK bookies ranked across three different IPL matches. We examined their outright match odds, runs in the 1st over, most match sixes, and the total number of markets offered. This article will hopefully help you find the best bookmaker for Indian Premier League betting. 

Best Bookmaker for French Open betting 🎾

As one of the four Grand Slams, the French Open is always a date for the diary for players, fans, and punters alike. Bettors from all over the world will back their favourite players to win in whichever events they’re competing in. Bookmakers rise to the occasion by offering a whole range of different markets for every single match in the tournament. Naturally, punters will want to find the best bookmaker for French Open betting so we’ve done the research. We looked at 25 different bookmakers to find their outright winner odds as well as their odds for match-winner, game handicap, set handicap, total games, and the winner of the first set across men and women’s singles events. This article will help you find the best bookmaker for French Open betting.

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Best Bookmaker for Formula 1 betting 🏁

Formula 1 stops at the legendary Silverstone over the weekend. We took this as an opportunity to find out the best bookmakers for Formula 1 betting. In the bookmaker comparison, we looked at the top 26 betting providers who offer Formula 1 betting odds. To carry out the most representative test possible, we selected in advance the most critical markets that punters are looking for in Formula 1. Including the overall winner of the Grand Prix, but also the podium finish, the fastest qualifier, top and winning car.

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Best Bookmaker for football betting

There’s no doubt that football betting is a huge business for bookmakers in the UK. This popularity isn’t just reserved for betting on the Premier League, either, with odds and market available on the world’s top leagues and competitions. There are lots to consider when choosing a bookmaker for betting on football, with football betting odds and commission two of the biggest aspects. With that in mind, we’ve analysed what’s available at the UK’s top bookmakers for Europe’s most prestigious domestic leagues. Learn more about the best bookmaker to bet again on football in our comprehensive review

Best Bookmaker for Boxing 🥊

Boxing is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports to bet on worldwide. This is particularly true of the biggest bouts, those that have garnered the attention of sports fans and bettors alike. Bookmakers strive to offer the best odds, most value odds and a range of markets to entice customers into betting with them. Which bookmakers perform better than others? In this bookmaker comparison, we compared the odds and markets available on one of 2020’s biggest boxing events, the rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Best Bookmaker for Australian open betting 🎾

There are very few sports that can rival tennis in terms of popularity with both viewers and bettors. Grand Slam events are the standout every year, and the first in the calendar is the Australian Open. As you’d hope for one of the sports’ biggest events, most UK bookmakers offer some form of Australian Open betting. Our bookmaker comparison analyzed what was available for the 2020 Australian Open, with particular regard to individual matches, along with Outright markets. Which bookmaker offered the best betting value? Best range of markets? Read our comparison to find out.

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Best Bookmaker for Super Bowl betting 🏈

One of the most prestigious and popular events in the world of sport is the Super Bowl. This popularity has spread into the betting world, with most UK bookmakers offering a great range of odds and markets on American Football’s biggest game of the year. Finding the best bookmaker for Super Bowl betting can be tough if you don’t know what you’re looking for. In this bookmaker comparison, we’ve analyzed who offers the most competitive odds, the biggest range of markets and the lowest commission for betting on the Super Bowl.

Bookmaker Terms and Conditions Comparison 📜

While the majority of bettors do not read them, being familiar with your bookmaker’s terms and conditions can prove to be profitable especially when an issue comes between you and your money. We decided to compare 25 of the world’s biggest bookmakers’ terms and conditions to see which bookmaker has the longest terms and conditions, the most complex terms and conditions, which bookmaker terms and conditions feature the most spelling mistakes and much more. If you want to bet with a bookmaker with the most concise terms and conditions, read our comparative analysis now.

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Bookmaker Live Streaming 📡

One of the most popular bookmaker features is live streaming, allowing bettors to enjoy live broadcasts of sporting events across the world. While a growing number of bookmakers now offer live streaming, the conditions of access, as well as the sports, leagues, and tournaments you can watch from your location, differ from bookmaker to bookmaker. If there’s a particular league or tournament or race meet you want to watch, our detailed comparative analysis will show you which bookmaker is offering the perfect live streaming package for you.

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Bookmaker Customer Service 📧

Most of us give it little attention, but how you can lodge a complaint or raise an issue with your bookmaker can be crucial to your overall betting experience. The majority of bettors rarely if ever need to contact their bookmaker’s customer service team, but when we do it’s good to know you’re in safe hands. While every bookmaker has a customer service team, how you can contact your bookmaker differs from bookmaker to bookmaker. Some provide several methods including email, live chat, phone, and social media while others provide a limited range of options. Our detailed comparison of bookmaker customer service options will show you which bookmakers offer the best customer service.

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Best Bookmaker: Banking Options 💳

While many customers examine the quality of odds and range of markets to decide on their bookmaker, banking options are often forgotten. It’s important, though, that all punters should find an operator that offers secure, safe and easy options to make deposits and withdrawals. This is why we’ve decided to research the bookmaker with the best banking options. We’ve examined all aspects of deposits and withdrawals to determine which bookmakers offer the best service for their members. We gathered data on all major payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank wire. A banking facility that is user-friendly, smooth and seamless is incredibly important. Our guide will show you what to look for in bookmaker banking options.

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Bookmaker Mobile Betting 📱

While live betting may have revolutionized the markets we can bet on, the mobile revolution changed how we bet. Gone are the days of being shackled to your desktop or laptop computer, now we can bet on virtually any sporting event via our mobile device. Many bettors now choose to be only via their mobile devices, giving up their desktop and laptop computers. If mobile betting is important to you, you’ll appreciate our detailed mobile betting comparison where we have detailed the mobile betting platforms offered by the world’s most popular bookmakers.

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Best Bookmaker For Esports 🎮

Esports has taken the world by storm in recent years. Having now worked its way into the mainstream, esports betting has increased in popularity too.  There are a number of UK bookmakers who now offer some form of esports betting. What should you consider when you sign up? A range of markets and in-play odds should be a major focus for all bookmakers for esports.

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Bookmaker Social Media ❤️

Social media has become an increasingly important way for bookmakers to engage with their customers, attract new customers and in shaping and defining their brand. Bookmakers such as Paddy Power, bet365 and Coral have invested a great deal in their social media platforms, both informing and entertaining their followers and customers. Social media is also a great way of engaging with your bookmaker if you have any issues and concerns with many bookmakers now providing their customers with customer service focused twitter accounts. We’ve taken a look at the world’s most popular bookmakers’ social media platforms and evaluated each.

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Bookmaker World Cup Odds ⚽

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet. Every four years the world’s best footballing nations comprised of the world’s greatest footballers converge for the month-long festival of the beautiful game. In 2018 the World Cup will be held in Russia with the final taking place in Moscow in mid-July. In this article, we take a look at which bookmakers are offering the best odds and the greatest range of markets. While most football bettors focus on traditional markets, a growing number focus on exotics and derivative markets. Our detailed to World Cup betting markets and odds could help you improve your returns this year.

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Best Bookmaker for MMA Betting 🤼‍♂️

The emergence of MMA betting has become increasingly noticeable in recent years. With the sport itself entering national consciousness, bookmakers have taken to offering odds on MMA action, with particular focus on UFC fights. With more betting options available now on Mixed Martial Arts, it can be tough to find the best bookmaker for MMA betting. What should you look for when deciding on which operator is right for you? Which is the best bookmaker for MMA betting? We’ve wondered this ourselves, and so conducted research into which bookies offer the best MMA betting opportunities. We’ve compared the offerings of 25 of the top bookmakers in the United Kingdom, in order to establish our number one choice. We’ve analyzed and explained each aspect in detail, in order to help you make informed betting choices.

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Best Bookmaker for English Premier League Betting 🦁⚽

Betting on the Premier League is big business for UK bookmakers. One of the most popular leagues to bet on worldwide, operators challenge each other to offer the most comprehensive betting experience possible. There are lots to consider when you choose your EPL bookmaker. Odds, markets, bookmaker margins, and promotions should all be examined closely. The 19/20 Premier League season is now upon us, and the demand for betting on the world-famous competition is, as always,  huge. We’ve analyzed a range of criteria to provide you with an in-depth guide to the best bookmaker for EPL betting.

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Bookmakers Responsible Gambling ⚖️

While they may market their platforms aggressively, bookmakers are required to provide their customers with responsible gambling resources. While all bookmakers provide customers with tools, features, reading guides and contact information for responsible gambling bodies, some bookmakers offer unique features to assist those customers who feel gambling is getting the best of them.

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Best Bookmaker For Sports Coverage📋

In today’s betting climate, you can bet on pretty much any world-renowned sport. If you’re keen to bet on a variety of sports, you’ll need a bookmaker that can match your needs. As part of our ongoing comparisons, we decided to compare and contrast the range of sports available at all top UK bookmakers. Read our guide to learn which bookmakers can enhance your betting experience with odds and markets on an array of sporting events.

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Bookmakers NBA Outright Odds 🏀

 Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and the NBA is the pinnacle of basketball club competition. As the new NBA season began, we decided to take a close look at traditional NBA betting markets and determine which bookmakers are offering the best value odds for outright league winner odds, conference and division winner odds plus traditional game markets such as game-winner, handicaps, and total points.

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Best Bookmakers For Champions League Betting 🏆⚽

The most prestigious event in European club football, the Champions League entices both viewers and bettors alike. Bookmakers often provide plenty of promotions and bonus opportunities on Champions League action, from free bets to money back specials.

What else separates the best bookmakers for Champions League betting from the rest? There are lots to consider: competitive odds, range of markets and bet types are just three examples. We’ve compared and contrasted the top bookmakers in the UK based on what they offer on a typical Champions League week. Read what we found out here.

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Best Bookmakers For American Sports Betting 🇺🇸 :🏒🏀🏈

American sports betting has become increasingly popular in recent years with both UK viewers and bettors. With a number of operators now offering their customers a range of betting options for events from across the pond, it can be difficult to ascertain who the best bookmaker for American sports betting actually is. We’ve researched and analyzed the odds, markets and commission rates on selected NFL, NBA, and NHL games in order to provide you with an overview of the best bookie for American sports betting overall and these sports in particular

UK’s Best Bookmakers 2021 🥇

Finding the best bookmakers 2021 might seem like a difficult task. This is where we come in. Over the past year, we’ve conducted research and gathered data based on a number of different aspects of what makes the best betting sites. Covering a range of sports, customer service, banking, odds and more, we’ve developed our top 5 bookmakers for 2020. Learn which bookmakers offer the best betting experience in our conclusive guide