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football | Monday, July 19, 2021 11:46 AM
Premier League Winner Odds 2021/22: Chelsea Closing the Gap
Premier League Winner Odds 2021/22: Chelsea Closing the Gap
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Update: Premier League Winner Odds 3rd September 2021

With Matchday 3 of the Premier League already behind us, it’s time to have a look at the Premier League Winner market and see what has changed. Some teams have underperformed, whilst some have impressed, and the odds have been adjusted to reflect their performance.

Manchester City are still the front runners to lift the Premier League trophy for the eighth time in the club’s history. City acquired Jack Grealish this summer, and this is their only significant move of the summer. They were unable to acquire Harry Kane after a dramatic back-and-forth with Tottenham, and the club will have to make do without him. They started the season well, with two victories and one defeat, but their odds to go all the way increased from 1.67 to 2.25 (William Hill).

Chelsea have cemented themselves as the second favourite to conquer the Premier League after an excellent summer period and an even better start to the season. Chelsea brought back Romelu Lukaku to complete their already impressive squad. The 28-year old striker is already making a difference on the pitch, and Chelsea started the season with two wins and a draw against Liverpool. Their Premier League winner odds shortened from 6.00 to 3.75 (Bet365).

Liverpool didn’t get a high-profile signing this summer, but they got centre-back Ibrahima Konate from Leipzig for £40 million. Their key move of the summer was getting right-winger Harvey Elliot from their youth squad, and he is proving to be an excellent young talent. The Reds had the exact same start as Chelsea, with two victories and a draw, and their Premier League winner odds shortened from 6.00 to 5.50 (Bet365).

Manchester United had an excellent transfer period, acquiring Jordan Sancho, Raphael Verane, and Cristiano Ronaldo. They have a complete squad at the moment, and the only thing that remains is putting the pieces together. United started the season off on the right foot, with two wins and one draw, and their odds to go all the way shortened from 9.50 to 7.00 (Betfair).

Tottenham have seen the most drastic change in odds out of all the mentioned clubs. Their odds to win the Premier League shortened from 61.00 to 36.00 (Paddy Power). Tottenham enjoyed a splendid start to the season, winning all three matches, and defeating Manchester City in their season opener. But the biggest news for Tottenham fans this year is that the club decided to keep Harry Kane on the squad this year.

Original article with updated odds below:

Who are the favourites to win the Premier League this season? Which clubs will contend for the title and who are the long shots? With the season drawing closer today we take a look at the Premier League winner odds for all 20 clubs.

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Premier League Winner Odds 2022

Premier League winner odds represent the chances of a given club winning the league, that is, the club that will finish top of the Premier League table at the conclusion of the 380 game schedule with each club playing each other both home and away for a total of 38 matches.

So if you bet on a club to win the Premier League and they finish top of the table at the conclusion of the season, your bet will be a winner. If they finish second or below, your bet is lost.

You can bet on Premier League winner odds at any stage of the season. So there’s no need to jump in early. The odds for each club will change as the season progresses, giving bettors the opportunity to wager on Premier League winner odds right throughout the season and up to the final week of the season, if the league is yet to be determined by that date.

Very few serious bettors will place a single bet on odds to win the Premier League 2022. Most will place a number of bets across the market mixing them with other outright markets such as odds to finish top 4, odds to finish top 10 and both relegation and stay up odds.

Likewise, most serious bettors will not simply place Premier League outright odds bets at the beginning of the season and leave the market. Most will re-enter the market again and again throughout the season when they identify value.

Current Premier League Winner Odds

Man City 2.20 2.00 2.25 2.00 2.25
Chelsea 3.75 3.75 3.75 3.75 3.75
Liverpool 5.50 6.00 5.50 6.00 6.00
Man Utd 6.00 7.00 6.00 7.00 6.00
Tottenham 29.00 36.00 34.00 36.00 34.00
West Ham 151.00 126.00 101.00 126.00 151.00
Leicester 101.00 76.00 67.00 76.00 101.00
Everton 151.00 226.00 101.00 226.00 151.00
Arsenal 151.00 251.00 151.00 251.00 251.00
Brighton 351.00 501.00 251.00 501.00 301.00
Southampton 501.00 501.00 501.00 501.00 751.00
Brentford 501.00 501.00 501.00 501.00 301.00
Wolves 751.00 501.00 501.00 501.00 501.00
Leeds 301.00 501.00 251.00 501.00 301.00
Aston Villa 351.00 501.00 251.00 501.00 301.00
Burnley 1001.00 501.00 1001.00 501.00 1001.00
Crystal Palace 1001.00 501.00 1001.00 501.00 1001.00
Watford 1001.00 501.00 1001.00 501.00 1001.00
Newcastle 1001.00 501.00 1001.00 501.00 1001.00
Norwich 1501.00 501.00 1001.00 501.00 1501.00

Premier League Winner Odds as at 3rd September 2021. Odds may now differ

Probability of Winning the Premier League in 2021/22 based on adjusted bookmaker odds

All odds mentioned below are best odds available as at 3rd September 2021. Premier League title odds may now differ.

The Favourites

Manchester City enter this season at slightly shorter odds than they did the last. Currently at odds of 1.67 to win the league, the Citizens entered last season at odds 1.80, a price they would ultimately oblige on after a slow start to their season.

Manchester City will be seeking their sixth title in eleven seasons and fourth in five seasons. City has finished in the top 2 in eight of the last ten seasons and has not run adrift of the top 4 since their fifth place finish in 2010. With Pep Guardiola looking to make a few key additions in the transfer window, it will be a brave punter to bet against City this season.

But as always, are the odds representative of City’s chances or are they merely a reflection punter sentiment? At odds of 1.67, the bookmakers see City as roughly a 60% chance to win the league and adjusted to a 100% market (zero bookmaker margins), we can see City as a 50% chance to win the Premier League this season. Are City a coin toss proposition this season or is there value elsewhere?

The Contenders

Liverpool entered last season at odds of 2.75 to repeat as champions of England and after a promising start, appeared on schedule to do just that. The Reds would ultimately find themselves reduced to a dog fight for the top 4, finishing 3rd and 17 points adrift of champions Manchester City. This season the bookmakers see Liverpool as one of the few clubs that can seriously challenge Manchester City, listing Liverpool’s Premier League title odds at 6.0. At these odds the bookmakers consider Liverpool roughly a 16% chance to win the league.

Chelsea finished last season as European champions while slipping into 4th place on the Premier League table, a single point and goal difference ahead of 5th placed Leicester City. Having begun last season at odds of 15.0, the bookmakers have Chelsea entering this campaign at odds of 6.0. After a difficult start to last season, Thomas Tuchel steered the club to a 11-5-3 record in his 19 matches. With a talented squad at Tuchel’s disposal, the season ahead tempts hope for many Chelsea fans. Like Liverpool, the bookmakers consider Chelsea at a 16% chance to be crowned champions.

Despite sustaining his fair share of criticism Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saw Manchester City to a clear second place finish last season, five points clear of 3rd placed Liverpool. United entered their previous campaign at odds of 9.50 to win the title, with the bookmakers listing the Red Devils similar odds this season. With some quality additions this transfer season, United could prove to be another value selection this Premier League season. Given their odds of 9.50, United are considered around a 10% chance to win the league this season.

The Outside Chances

The bookmakers expect to see Spurs somewhere around the mark this season, but at the current best odds of 51.0 they can be considered more likely to find themselves in a battle for a top 4 spot come April and May. Tottenham came into last season at odds 67.0 and with a new manager at the helm, the club will look to serve ambitions of European qualification after their 7th placed finish last campaign. At odds of 51.0, the bookmakers see Tottenham at around a 2% chance to be Premier League champions.

Arsenal finished last season 25 points adrift of champions Manchester City and just 22 points clear of 17th place. They come into the 2021/22 season at best odds of 67.0 to win their first league title since 2004 having begun last season at the same price. Even the most optimistic Gunners fan would feel more than satisfied with a top 4 finish this season as the club commits to reestablishing itself among the elite of England’s top flight. The bookmakers see Arsenal as roughly a 1.5% chance to win the league.

Leicester continue to prove themselves as one of the better clubs in the Premier League and while they would be disappointed with their 5th placed finish last season, a single point from 4th, the club will enter this season with optimism. The club’s win the Premier League odds last season were 101.0 and will go into this season at odds of 67.0 to claim another unlikely title. At the same odds as Arsenal, the bookmakers see Leicester as 1.5% chances to win the Premier League.

The Longshots

Everton leads this class of clubs exceeding odds of 101.0 to win the Premier League this season. After finishing 10th a season ago having begun the season at odds of 151.0, Everton fans will be keen to see the club return to its place as a club just off the pace of the league’s elite. With Rafael Benitez’s arrival there is plenty to be optimistic about, though at current odds of 101.0, the bookmaker’s see the Toffees claiming their first league title since 1987 as unlikely.

Leeds finished last season in 9th place after a promising campaign that saw them enter the season at odds of 251.0 to win the title. The bookmakers have the club currently at odds of 151.0 to steal their first top flight title since 1992. While hopes will be high following last season’s results, Marcelo Bielsa’s squad will most likely be content with a consolidation of last season and another top 10 finish.

Having entered last season at odds of 1001.0 to be crowned Premier League champions, Aston Villa fans would have been satisfied with their 11th place finish and another season in England’s top flight. The bookmakers are a little more optimistic this season with Aston Villa currently at odds of 201.0 to win the title. Despite last season’s performance, fans would be satisfied to see the club remain in the league for another campaign.

West Ham were the surprises of last season managing to earn their way to an unlikely 6th place finish, remaining in contention for a top 4 spot right to the very end of the season. The bookmakers had them listed at odds of 501.0 to win the league a season ago, and now have them framed at odds of 151.0. While another season contending for Champions League qualification might be a touch too optimistic, a top 10 finish looks a reasonable expectation.

Brighton make the list of long shots, currently listed at odds of 251.0 to win the Premier League this season. Brighton’s to win the Premier League odds last season were 751.0 and finished in 16th place last season clear of the relegation zone by 13 points. Brighton have now avoided relegation for four straight seasons and the bookmakers expect them to make it five from five this season.

Rounding out the list of long shots are Wolverhampton currently at around odds of 326.0 to win the league. Wolves began last season at odds 101.0 and completed a 13th place finish well clear of the relegation zone. Fans will be hoping former Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea City assistant Bruno Lage will help the club find the form that saw them earn successive 7th place finishes in 2019 and 2020.

The Very Unlikely

Each of these clubs will be primarily focused on remaining in the Premier League rather than winning it. Newcastle are the shortest odds of the bunch, currently at odds 751.0 to be crowned champions of England. The Magpies to win the Premier League odds last season were 251.0 and completed a mid table finish. Burnley are at odds 1001.0 and began last season at odds 751.0 and despite finishing one place above the relegation zone, exceeded 18th placed Fulham by a comfortable 11 points. Crystal Palace are likewise at odds 1001.0 and were starters at 501.0 last season ultimately finishing in 14th place. Southampton will head into the season at odds 751.0 coming off their 15th place finish a season ago, a campaign in which they began at odds 501.0.

Of the newly promoted clubs, Brentford will start at the shorter odds, currently listed at 1001.0 to win the league, while Watford and Norwich will start at a price of 1501.0

Historical Premier League Winner Odds

What were the odds of previous Premier League winners? If you’re looking for historical Premier League odds, below we have charted the preseason odds to win the league for every Premier League team of the last decade.

TEAM 2020/21 2019/20 2018/19 2017/18 2016/17 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14 2012/13
Arsenal 41.00 41.00 26.00 15.00 7.00 4.75 7.50 11.00 15.00
Aston Villa 1001.00 1501.00 5001.00 4001.00 2001.00 2501.00
Bournemouth 1501.00 1001.00 1001.00 1501.00 7501.00
Brighton 1001.00 1501.00 1001.00 1501.00
Burnley 1001.00 2001.00 751.00 1501.00 1501.00 10001.00
Cardiff 2001.00 5001.00
Chelsea 15.00 26.00 13.00 4.50 7.50 2.75 3.00 3.25 6.50
Crystal Palace 1001.00 1001.00 501.00 1001.00 1001.00 3001.00 7501.00 10001.00
Everton 251.00 151.00 251.00 201.00 201.00 351.00 151.00 251.00 251.00
Fulham 1001.00 751.00 2001.00 2501.00
Huddersfield 1501.00 2501.00
Hull 2001.00 5001.00 7501.00
Leeds 251.00
Leicester 201.00 301.00 301.00 1001.00 29.00 5001.00 5001.00
Liverpool 3.00 3.25 5.00 15.00 10.00 29.00 13.00 34.00 34.00
Man City 1.85 1.67 1.62 3.00 3.25 3.75 3.60 3.25 2.38
Man Utd 17.00 26.00 8.50 4.25 5.00 6.00 6.00 3.25 3.75
Middlesbrough 1501.00
Newcastle 501.00 251.00 751.00 1001.00 5001.00 1001.00 1001.00 201.00
Norwich 2001.00 7501.00 4001.00 5501.00
QPR 7501.00 3001.00
Reading 10001.00
Sheffield Utd 751.00 2001.00
Southampton 501.00 1001.00 501.00 501.00 151.00 301.00 1501.00 2001.00 7501.00
Stoke 1001.00 751.00 3001.00 3001.00 3001.00 3501.00
Sunderland 1501.00 5001.00 5001.00 2501.00 1251.00
Swansea 1001.00 1001.00 3001.00 4001.00 1501.00 4501.00
Tottenham 81.00 17.00 17.00 10.00 9.00 151.00 67.00 29.00 41.00
Watford 1001.00 1001.00 1501.00 1501.00 10001.00
West Brom 1001.00 1001.00 1501.00 5001.00 5001.00 1501.00 3501.00
West Ham 501.00 501.00 251.00 1001.00 101.00 3001.00 5001.00 2001.00 5501.00
Wigan 6001.00
Wolverhampton 201.00 151.00 251.00

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