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football | Mittwoch, August 4, 2021 6:05 AM
The Results: Premier League Predictions Survey
The Results: Premier League Predictions Survey
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Who will win the Premier League this season? Who will finish top 4? Which clubs will be relegated? Which club will be the big underachiever?

In recent weeks we asked you these questions and many more. With over 2000 respondents, today we deliver the results of our Premier League predictions survey.

In this article:

Who Will Win the Premier League this Season?

Let’s get straight to the point. Which club will win the Premier League in 2022? We adjusted the results of the survey to eliminate supporter bias. So for example, we excluded Chelsea fans who predicted Chelsea to win the Premier League. Or the two Brentford fans who predicted Brentford to win the Premier League. (No, seriously, they did).

After we adjusted the numbers, we saw these results:

Who will win the Premier League?

As expected Manchester City are favoured to win the Premier League this season. But while the bookmakers have City at a best price of 1.73, an implied probability of 58%, just 40% of respondents are picking City to go back to back.

While the bookmakers have Manchester United as fourth in betting, United were second among our survey respondents, with 16% picking United to upset their cross town rivals and win the league for the first time since 2013. According to our readers, Manchester United are the value pick of the season at odds of 9.50.

Liverpool came in third place with 12% of bettingexpert users picking them to win their second Premier League title, while just 7% of respondents are picking Chelsea to win the league. Both clubs are available at a best price of 6.0.

Arsenal received 6% of the votes, Leicester City 3% while Tottenham received just 2%.

When we look at some broad demographics, we saw that men see City as the overwhelming favourite to win the league, and are picking City to win the title at twice the rate as women, with female fans seeing the league a tight three club race between City, United and Liverpool.

We also saw that mature fans see City as the favourites, with bettingexpert readers of age 55 or older picking City to win the Premier League this season at rate in excess of twice that of fans aged between 18 and 34 who see the title race a three club battle again between City, United and Liverpool.

Who will Finish Top 4 in the Premier League this season?

Again we adjusted the data to exclude any club bias. Here are the results:

Who will finish top 4 in the Premier League this season?

As we would expect, we see City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea favourites to finish in the top 4 this season. This is precisely as the bookmakers see it with Arsenal, Tottenham and Leicester being the clubs to present any kind of challenge.

Of the remaining Aston Villa, Everton and Leeds represent the best chances according to bettingexpert readers.

Who will be Relegated from the Premier League this Season?

So we’ve looked at the top of the table. How about the lower reaches. Which clubs do our readers believe will be relegated this season in the Premier League?

Who will be relegated from the Premier League?

Again our readers see it the same way as the bookmakers, with Brentford, Norwich and Watford the favourites to go down with Burnley the fourth in rank.

However despite being at odds of 9.0 to go down, 25% of our readers see Brighton as one of the three clubs to suffer relegation this season. Only 15% of respondents see Crystal Palace going down while the bookmakers have them at odds of 2.88.

Who will be this Season’s Big Underachievers?

So which clubs do our reader see as failing to live up to expectations this season?

Who will be the big underachievers this season

There’s plenty of talk that Arsenal will have another disappointing season, and our readers agree. 15% of respondents see Arsenal as the number one team likely to disappoint this season with north London rivals Tottenham selected by 10%.

While many readers believe Manchester United will challenge for the title, 6% see them as a team to underachieve this campaign, with Everton also receiving 6% of the vote. Title challengers Liverpool and Chelsea received 5% of the vote.

Who is your City Picking to Win the Premier League?

Let’s take a look at what people around the UK are predicting.

City Winner Runner Up 3rd 4th
Birmingham Man City Liverpool Man Utd Chelsea
Brighton Man City Liverpool Chelsea Man Utd
Bristol Man City Liverpool Man Utd Chelsea
Cardiff Liverpool Man Utd Man City Arsenal
Edinburgh Man Utd Man City Liverpool Chelsea
Glasgow Man City Liverpool Chelsea Man Utd
Leeds Man City Man Utd Liverpool Chelsea
Leicester Leicester Man City Man Utd Liverpool
Liverpool Liverpool Man City Man Utd Chelsea
London Man City Man Utd Chelsea Arsenal
Manchester Man City Man Utd Liverpool Chelsea
Newcastle Man City Man Utd Liverpool Arsenal
Norwich Man City Liverpool Man Utd Chelsea
Oxford Man City Chelsea Man Utd Liverpool
Plymouth Man City Man Utd Liverpool Chelsea
Sheffield Man City Man Utd Liverpool Chelsea
Southampton Man City Liverpool Man Utd Arsenal

As expected, Manchester City are the favourites across the UK, with Edinburgh based respondents listing Manchester United as their favourite to win the league while Liverpool are favourites in both Cardiff and predictably, Liverpool.  Leicester based respondents have high hopes for their club this season, listing them as the favourites to win the league.

Oxford residents are the most optimistic regarding Chelsea’s chances, ranking them to finish in 2nd place while Cardiff based football fans have Manchester City the lowest finish of 3rd place. Meanwhile readers based in Cardiff, Newcastle, Southampton and London have Arsenal returning to the top 4 this season.

Which Manager is Under Pressure?

Lastly, we asked our readers to relate how satisfied they are with their club’s current manager, from a rating of 10 describing themselves as very happy to a rating of 1 describing themselves as wanting the manager replaced immediately. Here’s what you said:

Club Average satisfaction Manager Next manager to leave odds
Liverpool 9.4 Jurgen Klopp 34.0
Norwich 9.2 Daniel Farke 17.0
Manchester City 9.0 Pep Guardiola 101.0
Leeds 8.7 Marcelo Bielsa 34.0
Chelsea 8.7 Thomas Tuchel 51.0
Watford 8.5 Xisco Munoz 7.0
Leicester 8.4 Brendan Rodgers 34.0
West Ham 8.3 David Moyes 34.0
Manchester Utd 8.3 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 17.0
Aston Villa 7.9 Dean Smith 21.0
Southampton 7.9 Ralph Hasenhutti 11.0
Wolverhampton 7.8 Bruno Lage 12.0
Burnley 7.8 Sean Dyche 26.0
Brighton 7.5 Graham Potter 13.0
Arsenal 7.5 Mikel Arteta 13.0
Crystal Palace 7.3 Patrick Vieira 7.0
Everton 7.2 Rafael Benitez 15.0
Tottenham 7.1 Nuno Espirito Santo 15.0
Brentford 6.4 Thomas Frank 19.0
Newcastle 6.1 Steve Bruce 8.5

It will not be a surprise for Newcastle fans to see Steve Bruce receiving the lowest satisfaction level among their fans. Likewise no surprise at the top of the list to see Jurgen Klopp, Daniel Farke, Pep Guardiola, Marcelo Bielsa and Thomas Tuchel very popular among the fans of the clubs they manage.

Which manager will be the first to leave post? Paddy Power currently have Crystal Palace’s Patrick Vieira and Watford’s Xisco Munoz the favourites to leave their positions while Newcastle’s Steve Bruce, is third in line.

Odds listed are as at 4th August 2021. Odds may now differ.

Good Luck This Season

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. And good luck with your Premier League betting this season.

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